Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Regensburg and Nuremberg . . . . . . . . .

The oldest city on the Danube and one of Bavaria's most beautiful with it's impressive 
St. Peter's Cathedral, Regensburg is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. 
The city center escaped damage in world War II and its architectural gems and 
half-timbered buildings exude charm.

Beautiful wall painting depicting David & Goliath

Here you can see the beginning of what happened regarding our having to 
change ships on the Danube. Water was extremely high with some local flooding 
up river - making it impossible for the ships to pass under some of the lower bridges.
Our captain's order were apparently to hang out a little further up river in Deggendorf
 for an extra day in hopes the river level would drop. . . . . . . but it rained even more 
overnight requiring us to be bussed to our next city, Nuremberg, where thankfully the 
rain had stopped.
Nuremberg ---- old, historic, beautiful, surrounded by 13th century walls. . . . . but 
sad feelings of the manipulative nature of Nazi propaganda overcame me 
at the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds (bottom right above). 
It was here the Nazis saw the ideal setting for their activities - rallies were held, the 
boycott of Jewish business began, and the infamous Nuremberg Laws outlawing 
Jewish citizenship were enacted. After World War II the city was chosen as the site 
of the notorious Nuremberg War Trials. 

Beautiful Church of Our Lady where we stood with a huge crowd of spectators 
to view the daily noontime gyrations of the amazing mechanical clock!
Great shops and central marketplace. . . . . . . . . 

…..and Bob insisted on me posing at one of the many Biergartens - it's all
about the beer in Germany, although I prefer wine!
Nuremberg rooftops late afternoon.
That evening we returned to Deggendorf, packed up and prepared to change to 
another Viking ship - actually swapping with the one coming south as they too were
unable to pass under the same bridges!   
Following morning our luggage was taken by truck, and we were bussed to
 see beautiful Bamberg. . . . . .coming in the next post.


  1. Such excitement! Not exciting for the local people though, I can remember the news reports of the awful flooding in that part of Europe. They have the most wonderful mechanical clocks in Europe don't they? Have you seen the fabulous Astronomical clock in Prague? I really like the mural marching across the building Nuremberg. I remember the Nuremberg Trials very clearly but I confess hadn't realised that all the Nazi horrors started there.

  2. Have spent a wonderful time looking at all tour travel photos...just like being in a fine magazine! So glad that you had the opportunity to go and visit such beautiful places, take the river tour, and see good friends. So many beautiful photos, but those river scenes are exquisite...the water, the wildflowers, the windmills...ahhh...

    Hope that all was well in your garden when you returned. I envied your being able to sow directly...that doesn't happen in my corner much...we run out of time.

    Say, you're looking really good for an old lady. ; >

  3. Did you check the castle out, great view from the place

  4. The medieval cities are wonderfully preserved. We visited Rothenberg a few years ago - the large square with the clock tower and municipal offices is characteristic of all of them.
    Our daughter and SIL spent some time in Nuremberg and keep saying what a beautiful city it is and that we should make it part of our itinerary next time we go to Europe, but, like you, the city evokes the horrors of the Holocaust because of the trials held there. I'm glad that, for my daughter, those horrors are somewhat distant, although not forgotten.
    Beautiful photos, as always, Mary. I'm glad the switch to the other boat went without a hitch.

  5. Beautiful! The colors in the towns are so enchanting.
    How I would have loved walking there with you.

  6. Beautiful! Glad they had a way to get you to your next stop. My son has been studying about that time in history and tells me all kinds of crazy stuff about the Nazis and Hitler that I didn't know. Unbelievable what some people are capable of and how easily some can be brainwashed. I do prefer wine, but when in Germany, it's perfectly normal to have a big ol' beer at 6 a.m. and I'm okay with that. HA! :)

  7. That is a lovely poster of you and what a beautiful city. Incredible to think it's history too.


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