Monday, June 29, 2015

Down to my home in Devon. . . . . . . .

Arriving in England is usually the same for me. 
When we're going straight home to Devon we take the National Express 
coach from Heathrow airport to Torquay. We no longer drive in the UK.
It's a long ride and one has to be prepared with lunch/snacks for the 5 hour 
ride - we pick up a sandwich and bottled drink from M&S or Boots at the
 airport shops and, having purchased tickets online, just wait, somewhat 
bleary-eyed from the overnight flight, until the 501 coach shows up - always 
on time believe it it not!  The ride on an almost Summer day is lovely. At this 
time of year the countryside is spectacular. It was cloudy leaving London but 
as the southwest counties appeared on the signposts, the sun peeped out 
and by the time we were 'home' the afternoon was perfect. 

My dear cousin David was at the coach station to meet us.  
He took us to a grocery store for the basics we needed at the rental cottage
 and drove us to our 'home' on the coast for the coming ten days.
More about David in a future post - we grew up together, our mums were sisters, 
and thankfully we have stayed close despite the distance since I emigrated to 
the US over fifty years ago.

The pink cottage, almost on the beach, was awaiting our arrival.
We let Jasmin choose which bedroom she preferred - this was the magnificent 
view from her window.
The sun goes down late over Tor Bay at this time of year - it remains light 
until around 10:30 PM which is wonderful, and the early dawn brings bright 
mornings by 5:30 AM.
Here, as we looked across the bay, the lights came on in Brixham, the fishing
 town where my father was born.
It's a long journey home - but always worthwhile.
Sleep was welcome that night.


  1. How beautiful, Mary. That pink cottage tucked under the cliff is so welcoming. Getting into bed after such a long journey would have felt heavenly.

  2. Yes, I can just imagine sleep was most welcomed. Love the pink cottage and Jasmin's view is amazing.
    I have been trying to find on the map where Devon is, but not finding it. Is it very small? or is it just a region?
    Welcome home, dear Mary! Catch up on your sleep, jet lag, and recuperation from travel. I think it gets harder
    the older we get, just my thinking.

  3. Beautiful photos, Mary. You'll have to tell us more about the pink cottage. :) Deb

  4. That is certainly gorgeous countryside, and a beautiful cottage and view as well. Your photo views always make me think of my dear Elizabeth Goudge.

  5. Just wonderful; your love of the place and excitement at being there shines through.

  6. So beautiful and sun goes down at 10:30? That is incredible. I'd of thought I had died and gone to heaven there.

  7. What beautiful scenery! You had a wonderful view from your rental.

  8. Such beautiful countryside and wonderful views. A perfect spot for your stay. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. So nice to get a peep at Torbay again. Our lightening visit to Dartmouth, was all I saw; but we did get to the surrounding countryside on our drive from Bristol airport.. The pink cottage reminds me of the coastal walks we used to take when we lived in Dartmouth.

    1. Barbara, we had a brief visit to Dartmouth - then crossed on the ferry to Kingswear in sunshine and warm for Devon temps. I'll show some pix later in another post!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Mary -

  10. It truly is beautiful there Mary. I can see why you love it so and long to return when you can. I read your latest post as well about your walk along the beautiful harbour. I would enjoy a holiday like this immensely. Have a good day today. xx Pam


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