Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wertheim, a fairytale place. . . . . . . .

More lovely countryside as our ship sailed toward Wertheim, known as a medieval 
 'fairytale town'. 

Paintings on the houses - I think this one perhaps advertised the owner as being a stone mason or builder.

The prior evening, after dinner, there was a fantastic glassblowing 
demonstration by Hans Ittig, the seventh generation in his family to become 
accomplished in both flame working and off hand glassblowing on the furnace. 
Beside being able to purchase smaller pieces such as ornaments, birds etc. on 
board, the following day we were able to visit the glass blower's studio and 
museum/shop in the town of Wertheim.  
Hans and his father Karl's larger pieces were really beautiful - their traditional 
glassmaking techniques are even taught at the Pilchuck Glass School co-founded
by well known American glass artist Dale Chihuly.
The Ittigs frequently visit the USA and are founders of the Eugene Glass School
in Oregon, established in 1999.

Being Saturday, Wertheim was very quiet, although I had the feeling perhaps 
it's that way every day in this tiny town!

Next day we reached the Middle Rhine Valley, sailing past castles in various states 
of repair, small towns, churches and vineyards. Come back for more of Germany's
beautiful River Rhine.


  1. Wertheim looks just the kind of place I'd love to explore. The handmade glass is really beautiful especially the vase and bowl with the curving black stripes.

  2. I've been in some of the places you've been too, thanks for bringing back such beautiful memories. I updated my blog too, come for a visit, you're welcome.

  3. Oh I could spend hours in a glass shop ! I sure am enjoying your trip ! :)

  4. Wertheim looks just like it is straight out of a fairy tale! How charming!

  5. The canola fields are so bright! It's barely even growing here yet due to the cool and mostly wet weather. The blown glass is lovely. have a nice day!

  6. Beautiful, Awesome! I didn't know there was a glass school in Eugene. Their glass work is gorgeous!
    Oh to visit this little village too.

  7. Oh, it does look like a lovely place. The buildings are incredible. Such character. And everything is so pretty and clean. We visited Koblenz and it was a very quiet town. In fact, the menu at the restaurant attached to our hotel noted that cell phones were not allowed. I like that. Really bothers me when some folks forget there are others around them who they should either be paying attention to or who don't want to hear their phone conversations. Have a great day. Tammy

  8. I am just amazed at the beauty and history - awe struck!!!


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