Sunday, June 28, 2015

Theatre in London. . . . . . . . .

Two very special London theatres - quite different - were not far from our hotel on the Thames River. 
During our one full city day we walked over 12 miles and were able to see both. 

We took the tour of The Globe, it was fascinating. 
Built entirely of English oak, the colorful interior was 
quite opposite to its rather austere exterior. 
Sitting and looking up at "the heavens" painted with clouds 
and sky, I noted the trap door through which actors 
could be lowered using a harness. 

The Globe is the only thatched building that has been 
permitted to be built in London since the 
Great Fire of London in 1666.

The museum area inside the theatre was interesting also.
Go here to read more about Shakespeare's 
Globe Theatre in London.

For more details on the Royal National Theatre go here - 


  1. I love the Globe Theatre and its uniqueness in London. The actor in the bottom right of your second photo is driving me crazy - I recognise him but can't work out what he has been in - I keep thinking Downton Abbey?? xx

  2. To see a performance at the Globe Theatre is on my Bucket list, one day. Just look at those blue skies, I'm so happy that the weather was good for your last few days in the Capital There's a heatwave forecast for this week and if today's temps are anything to go by it will be HOT.

  3. Would love seeing The Globe Theater and not something I had on my list. Lovely photos and inspiration to go visit.

  4. Mary, I was fortunate to attend performances at both on a trip to London in 1999. Loved the uniqueness of The Globe. Thanks for sharing your great photos. This post brought up some lovely memories for me. '-)

  5. The Globe theatre looks fabulous, what an atmosphere it must create.

  6. What a beautiful theatre. It must have been so interesting to see it all.

  7. Great photos of the Globe Theatre. Thanks for sharing.

  8. In 2001, I chaperoned a group of graduate acting students on a trip to London where they studied at the Globe for 10 days. It was a wonderful experience, we worked onstage, in the rehearsal rooms, and really got to know the theater. I also visited the National Theater where I saw Vanessa Redgrave in the Cherry Orchard, along with her late brother Corin Redgrave. Stunning, moving production that I still remember vividly. I love seeing theater in London!

  9. Fabulous photo-tour, Mary. I really should get inside the Globe sometime!

  10. Magnificent photos. Would love to see this theater in person someday!


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