Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Walking into town ----------

On our first morning in Torquay we were up early and walking to town. 
Warm and partly sunny it was perfect for a hike.
We walked along the beachfront from the cottage, climbing the cliff walk/steps up 
over Daddyhole Plain (above the rows of new-style beach huts) and along the 
Rock End section of the Southwest Coast Path.
Meadfoot Beach at low tide.
The tower, which you actually walk through, and sections of old wall, are all remaining 
of the former Rock End estate. Very expensive homes have been built here - you 
can imagine the beautiful sea views they must have.
Bob and Jasmin at Rock End.
This board shows our path along the cliffs - we climbed to Daddyhole Plain 
from Meadfoot Beach, following the coast pathway to Beacon Cove. With stops for 
gasping at the views across the bay - Jasmin had not been on this walk on her last 
visit many years back - and of course taking photos, it took about an hour.
Passing the Living Coasts - Britain's only coastal zoo - read more here

Reaching the harbor we were a bit tired, but if I could walk into town with 
such views here in North Carolina, I'd sell my car! 
Ready to continue our day, we headed to the ferry for the sail
across the bay to the fishing port of Brixham.

Torquay's Inner Harbour

Boarding the Western Lady VI ferry which crosses Tor Bay in about half an hour for 
just a one pound fare - the best bargain in town!

Here, the ferry was passing the Grand Hotel, one of the oldest and largest hotels 
along Torquay's shoreline, and where Agatha Christie spent her honeymoon. 
Across from the hotel is a rocky beach and row of traditional style beach 
huts - my favorites.

For me, the small beach, named Corbyn Head, holds many childhood memories. 
When in elementary school - about a two mile walk from here - on warm June afternoons 
before school was out for the Summer hols, my neighbor, whose two children were 
in school with me, would meet us at 4 PM and walk us to the beach. She'd bring 
our swimsuits, towels, cheese and tomato sandwiches, orangeade drinks, and we'd
 spend a few wonderful late afternoon hours swimming and playing in the rock pools 
when the tide went out.
Those really are days I will always cherish.

Next time I'll show you Brixham at the far end of Tor Bay.


  1. Oh how this landlubber enjoyed those photos. Must be heaven. Was that a palm tree I spotted? Didn't think they had any of those in England.

  2. What a beautiful place you grew up in Mary.

  3. I love your pictures and talks of home. :)

  4. What a beautiful walk. Now I have found where you were on my map. I was thinking you were on the other side of the peninsula. Love the older beach huts too. The coastal zoo sounds like it would be interesting. How lovely to share your childhood stomping grounds with Jasmin.

  5. The views along your walk are really stunning. Lots of memories there for you. I enjoyed the tidbit about Agatha Christie, too. Now I'm off to find out about that coastal zoo.

  6. oooh you came to the UK, having a catch up reading your blog :-)
    Annie x

  7. I've always wanted to visit this part of England, thanks for bringing me there with you.
    Come to visit me @ https://gracieplace.wordpress.com/


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