Saturday, June 6, 2015

Beautiful Bamberg. . . . . . .

On the road through beautiful countryside to Bamberg, Germany.

 Dear friends, Paula and Babs, taking an afternoon coffee break.

I loved Bamberg, known as one of Germany's most beautiful cities and listed 
as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 2,000 buildings listed as historic 
monuments. . . . .its old city center is Europe's largest existing group of 
historic buildings. 

 . . . . . . . and at the end of our visit to Bamberg we were bussed to meet up 
with our replacement vessel - a sister ship the LIF - which was sailing south and, 
like us, couldn't get under the bridges with the high water! 
We were dropped off the buses in a field near the river and, after about an hour's 
wait, fortunately in warm late afternoon sunshine, the Viking Lif arrived and we 
were soon aboard and settled in our new cabins and ready for dinner as we sailed 
toward Wurzburg.


  1. Spectacular ! I never wanted to go to Germany- now I do. I come straight here to see what the photos are today- fabulous as always. besitos. C

  2. What a beautiful city! The architecture and shops are wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us Mary. I enjoy these posts so much as I know I'll never get to these places. Enjoy your busy weekend. xx Pam

  3. Bamburg is beautiful - I've never been to Germany though I think our forefathers hailed from there. But, I must say, I sighed when I saw your beautiful header.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful tour. That photo of the face sculpture with the ornately painted building behind is breathtaking - what a moment! Happy weekend to you and Bob - lots of luvvvvvv :)

  5. What fabulous buildings - it looks a realy interesting place, the history must be fascinating. Glad you didn't have to wait for your boat in the rain - that definitely wouldn't have been much fun!

  6. How did we miss Bamberg? Your photographs are beautiful. Makes one want to jump on a plane and reserve a room in a nice country inn.
    Thank you Mary.

  7. I don't think that people realise just how beautiful and historical Germany is - I know that it was a complete eyeopener to us when we went. You have shown it so beautifully on this post.

  8. Your photos are spectacular, Mary. The streets lined with pretty is that.:)

  9. Simply beautiful pictures and I can only imagine how extraordinary seeing these sites were in person. Thanks for sharing with us.

    And now you are off to England? Where do you get your energy? I'm happy that your are going 'home'.

    Jasmin is such a lovely girl...I've always thought this but this last post shows what an exquisite lady she has become. Congratulations to her on her graduation.

    Much love you and Bob!

    Jane x

  10. With each place you share I just want to be walking there with you. It is just lovely, even just sitting along the river in the late afternoon.
    Travel is so wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  11. ah....your photos are outstanding. So beautiful...thanks so much for sharing them with us

  12. Just discovered your blog and have been exploring your travel posts…so glad to have found you. Bamberg truly is a wonderful town but when I was there is was cold and grey. I'm passing on this post to my son who is taking a river cruise in August and one of the stops is Bamberg. This will give him something to look forward to. :)


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