Monday, June 15, 2015

A whirlwind tour of Devon. . . . . . . .

Wow, what a busy few days we've enjoyed already! The time is flying by much 
too quickly and I have little time to attend to my blog. . . . . . sorry.  I will be back here 
to share my lovely hometown soon. Places such as my 'local', the pub named the 
Devon Dumpling in the village where I grew up, the cottages, the very same railing 
where I did somersaults as a child. All this and more I'm sharing with Jasmin who 
is enjoying this whirlwind tour as we cram in as much as possible. The weather is 
being so kind to us - and all is going well following a few glitches at the start!  
More later.


  1. It looks beautiful and sounds like so much fun! Enjoy!

  2. It has been far too long since I lasted visited Devon ... It's calling me back! Enjoy.

  3. I want to be there too !!!!
    Can't wait to hear all about Everything ... when you get back .. to real life again :)

  4. Fun!! And Jasmin gets to see your old stomping ground! Love it!

    Safe travels and looking forward to more!

    Love to all,

    Jane x

  5. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your visit to Devon. I've just got back home to France after a similar whirlwind visit to see friends in Dartmouth where we lived for 17yrs.

  6. Well, I have some double Devon clotted cream in the fridge waiting for the perfect scone. Does that count?

  7. So thrilling for your grand-daughter to get to go back there with you! I bet she is loving it! What a great graduation trip! Love the photos! Devon is absolutely lovely! You look like you are all having a wonderful time! Oh those thatched cottages!!!! sigh

  8. I'm happy that you are having a fabulous time Mary and look forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about it. Enjoy!!
    xx Pam

  9. Oh, so beautiful, Mary! I have a soft spot in my heart for England, as dear friends of mine live there (Bristol) and I haven't seen them in 9 years when they came here. I was there visiting them 15 years ago and fell in love with your home country. How I long to go back again! Hopefully, someday soon. Your granddaughter is so pretty. :-)

  10. Can't wait to see photos of the beautiful England....

  11. Have a good time Mary!

    Madelief x

  12. Wow, this is a pretty place! Have fun.

  13. As Dorothy said "there's no place like home", looks like you're all enjoying the trip. Looking forward to seeing more soon.

  14. How delightful that you are able to visit with your grand-daughter and share your childhood memories with her - what a special time for you both. Look forward to seeing all your photos in due course.

  15. Devon is truly a gem among gem. Lovely photos. What a trip! Glad to read of it. Safe journeys back home soon.


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