Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Middle Rhine and the castles of Germany. . . . . . .

Germans affectionately call their cherished river, "Old Father Rhine".
Beginning as a trickle in the Swiss Alps, it flows 820 miles through several countries 
to the North Sea. The Upper Rhine carves out Germany's borders with Switzerland
and beautiful French Alsace, and the Middle Rhine creates a stunning canvas of 
picturesque forests, vineyards and castles before leveling into the Lower Rhine, the 
Netherlands and the scenic Rhine River Delta.

Castles and wines take center stage along the Middle Rhine. On the 
steepest riverbanks, grapes are still harvested by hand, a tradition dating 
back 2,000 years when Romans introduced viticulture here. Later, medieval 
noblemen built soaring castles to oversee trade, collect tolls, and defend kingdoms 
from marauders and power seekers, as storybook towns and villages rose along 
forested shores.

 First view of beautiful Marksburg Castle. Most Rhine castles have been heavily 
damaged or largely destroyed by everything from battles to lightning, but Marksburg 
is intact.

Our visit to the castle was part way by bus from the port, and then a somewhat strenuous, 
but worthwhile climb.
The evening was then spent in Koblenz. We sailed at night to Bonn for a tour 
of nearby Cologne's Old City and cathedral the next day.


  1. The more I see of your photos the more I think I'd love to do something similar to your Rhine cruise!

  2. These are beautiful photos, Mary.

  3. How amazing to see so many castles along the beautiful Rhine. Such an interesting history.

  4. How wonderful it must have been to see all of those castles! You look great Mary....and I can't believe you had putt putt golf on your boat!

  5. Wow, those castles are something. I want to go see them!!! Thanks so much for your photos and commentary.
    Farm Gal in VA

  6. I am stunned by the beauty of the area you are visiting. I can't believe the castles - what a thrill to see and photograph them.

  7. These are really stunning, I loved this post and blog very much. I have bookmarked this page for reading upcoming post...

  8. Wow, gorgeous collection of castles. They are all so pretty. Wonderful post and photos.

  9. What a gorgeous place! So full of beauty and history. Lucky you.

  10. Awesome! How I love seeing all of these castles. Just wonderful!
    Fun also to see you on the river cruise.


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