Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Angels over the city by the bay. . . . . . . .

A fun morning at the San Carlos Art and Wine Faire.

A California gentleman and his dog taking a coffee break.
Bob snapped Paula and me at the Blue Angels air display - San Francisco Bay -
on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

We are having great time on the west coast. . . . . . . .but sadly the news from
 North Carolina following Hurricane Matthew's visit is very disturbing. 
 Several deaths, much destruction, major flooding, and a million plus homes/businesses
 without power, including our house, and it may not be repaired until October 16. 
Our daughter has gone to remove all the food from our frig/freezer!  
The coast is severe but the storm came far inland also, things are really
 bad in our area.


  1. Oh Mary, lucky you (except for the storm.)

  2. Oh boy, what memories this brings back .. although we saw them in NY, flying over/up the Hudson River between NJ and NYC .. when I was a child I lived close to an Air Force Base in California.
    This jets doing flyovers have thrilled me all my life. To this day I will dash outside to look up and see them ... and I am now living not far from the JAX Naval Air Station ... lucky me :)
    I can't talk about storms anymore, I am worn out with this Storm business :(

  3. Love the pic of you and your friend. Do stay safe, Mary.

  4. Oh My! Sorry to hear that Raleigh got hit by the hurricane. So glad your daughter could help out. Take care and hope you have some time of relaxation in the sunny days of California. Sending hugs!!!

  5. Great photos of your trip Mary and it looks like a lot of fun but I'm sure you are worried about things back home too. That same storm hit Cape Breton, NS and Newfoundland and there is a lot of flooding and damage to homes, schools, churches, etc, as well as roads and bridges. Millions of dollars worth of damage. It was quite a storm down there and up here as well. Thankfully no lives were lost up here. Take care. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and when you get home all will be well with your cottage. xx Pam

  6. Lovely photos! A day in San Francisco!

  7. I'm sorry to hear things are bad in your area and that your home is still without power. I'm glad you had a safe and beautiful place to go in the meantime.

  8. That must be so impressive and inspiring. I am sorry to read about the destruction after Matthew. Glad that your daughter is taking care of things.

  9. Wonderful shots with such intense colour! The sky is amazing! Oh, I hope that your home is alright. We saw on the news about the effects of the storm in the Maritime provinces of Canada - so much heartache.


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