Friday, October 28, 2016

Rain soaked Pacific Northwest coastline. . . . . . . . . . .

Another part of the California coast is very different from Monterey Bay
which I recently shared HERE.

There is a town in northern California named Trinidad - and I must say it's
 totally unlike the southern Caribbean island of the same name.
It sits on a rocky bluff overlooking Trinidad Bay surrounded by redwoods and spruce. 
It's a seaside village, often compared to a quaint Cornish fishing village with a small
 fleet of fishing boats, a working pier, and restaurants serving great seafood.
The day we stopped here was at the end of the typhoon which paid the
 Pacific Northwest an unusual visit. Rain was extremely heavy, lashing the windows
 of the comfy little restaurant we chose for a great seafood lunch. Unable to spend
 time outdoors in the downpours, I managed to take these photos from the car.

Named one of the most spectacular and pristine segments of the California coast,
Trinidad has been established as a California Coastal National Monument Gateway -
an area that offers the best shore-based opportunities to discover and view offshore
 rocks and islands and their inhabitants. The Trinidad rocks support one of the most
 diverse seabird colonies in California with twelve species and over 100,000 
breeding individuals.

As beautiful as it looked in the storm - just as we were leaving the rains did let up a bit -
 I would love to return some day in sunshine - it truly is a lovely ocean area.

P.S.  Many, many thanks for all the much appreciated
 Birthday greetings on the last post - you are all
 such wonderful friends.


  1. It is quite beautiful. I've never heard of it, but looks fitting for watching and strolling around. So primal.

  2. It looks beautiful, Mary. And those photographs look like paintings - clever distortion through the car windows?!

  3. Such beauty even in muted tones on a stormy day. The collage is terrific.

  4. Well Mary, only you could get such beautiful photos from the car and in lashing rain too. It does look a dramatic and special coastline, and I can full understand why you would like to return.
    Please to notice that three of my lovely followers have signed up with your blog.

  5. Wow! I do like these stormy photos of the coast there Mary. It is so rugged and beautiful, even though the wind and rain and the car window! Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx Pam

  6. Now this is a northern CA town I have not heard of! Sounds fascinating. And looks so beautiful, even through the lashing rain and your car windows. I'm going to do a Google search to learn more about this beautiful place and see some more pictures.

  7. Amazing! Beautiful! I don't think I have been to Trinidad. I can't believe that. I must have been around Mendocino? Curious now?

  8. Wow! I looked it up on the map. Yes, I have driven through there, but never stopped. Must remedy that one day.

  9. I found your blog from a different post. Your photos are beautiful!!

  10. Your pics are extraordinary, Mary. We love the PNW. Hope to visit again soon.

    Love to you,


  11. Ohhhhhhh one of our favorite places - we have eaten in Trinidad on the pier so many times when we lived in Arcata and Blue Lake. It was always the place we took friends to eat and explore when we had out of town company. Love the little town - the beaches - the rocks - the bay - the waves. We've eaten there when the storms were raging and when the sun was brilliant - and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful spots in the world - when the sun shines or when the rains and storms lash the bay. You just can't beat Trinidad. We always liked to sit in that little corner table as you enter the glassed in portion - just the two of us fit there - but it was a wonderful place to watch the boats come and go and the waves crash - or the children running about on the beach - and we saw our first Oyster Catcher there - it was picking food among the rocks - what an amazing bird. Happy week ahead and thanks for sharing your trip - it brought back such fond memories.

  12. That is such a lovely area, isn't it? So glad you got to see it.


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