Saturday, October 15, 2016

San Francisco - Alamo Square. . . . . . . .

So much so see in this wonderful city.
The entire park of Alamo Square is under a massive renovation - no green
 grass remaining, new modern facilities being built, so all closed off right now.
However, the 'painted ladies' still adorn the surrounding hilly streets - and the
 city in the background continues to shimmer in the California light.
Always special - always so west coast.
Easy to leave one's heart!


  1. I love the painted ladies of San Francisco - so pretty! Another thing I loved was the abundance of lush, vibrant flowers all over the place...climbing up buildings and houses.

  2. Another of my favorite places in the whole world - well in my whole world. We've spent some lovely holidays there and it will always be where I left my heart. Such beauty.

  3. Mary,
    I left my heart in San Fran the first visit. '-) I love walking in this city. Paris across the pond and San Francisco across the states ~ two favorites that hold my heart. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. I've never been to California ... except for a layover in LA when I was 14 and we were on our way to Hawaii for a family vacation. My oldest boy goes there a lot to visit a high school buddy who is in San Diego. Those painted houses are so lovely.

  5. Yes! There are those Painted Ladies, so beautiful. You are making my heart want to travel south. Love this city by the bay.


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