Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cooling off and warming up!

Returning from Africa, I realized I needed not only to launder and pack away my
 safari and Summer clothes, but do something about getting my Autumn and
Winter clothes out of storage!  
Storage here in the cottage consists of drawers and under bed plastic boxes -
we are really short on hanging space, no huge walk-in closets unfortunately. 

via Zara online

I truly love sweaters and I have a lot which I've collected over the years. 
Some are bulky and oversized such as this one offered by Zara - but as I have
 a couple of similar ones I will not be ordering this one. Others are cashmere
classics such as twinsets in basic black and grey for dressy occasions.
Also Lou & Grey tunic length chunky styles to throw over leggings, and
 several H&M casual sweaters for around the house - cheap yes, but have
 never had a problem throwing them in the washer/dryer which makes me happy.

via Zara online

This one I do love and may succumb to desire - Zara online is a place I love
 to visit late at night because I can't get to NYC where there's a real store.
The addition of the sheer frill at the cuffs really makes a basic (and I love basic) 
sweater become one to wear at night. With the right jewelry, a pair of sleek 
trousers or a black lace skirt, and a perfect shoe, I'll be ready to go - restaurant,
 theatre, even possibly a cruise ship!

via Zara online

. . . . . . and this one?  Well I did buy it from the Zara shop at Heathrow Airport on 
Monday!  It was in the window under a cute coat and I immediately fell for the 
lacing and the fact it's chunky but soft and light as a feather, and the sleeves
 are really long which I love. 
I have to add that I feel really good in my sweaters as I've lost quite a bit of weight 
over the past year, mostly due to my thyroid being removed last June, but also
 because I've been more cautious about what I eat. My doctor is pleased as she 
thinks getting weight down as we age is so important for overall good health and 
safety.  She even wants me to start lifting weights. . . . . . . . well what do you think
about that?

Just a little fashion break - I'll be back this coming week
 with more great safari posts starring beautiful animals 
and Maasai people.


  1. Love the sweater you chose Mary. What is your secret to losing weight?

  2. I love when you write about fashion and clothing, Mary, because I know you have the experience and it's a huge part passed on from your mother. Quality over quantity, and I've been leaning toward that as I've gotten older. I still like a little something trendy...something that can be 'wash and wear', but especially in the winter, here in the cold Midwest, good wool sweaters are a must.

    Love this post. Wanted to mention A read a few of your current posts from Africa today and was captivated. I'll let him share his thoughts with you himself!


  3. We have a Zara here but I never find anything I like. Yet, when we visited the store in Germany, I bought many things. My husband says the stores here don't get the most up-to-date seasonal fashions, and likely they bring what doesn't sell elsewhere --which is ironic since everyone here thinks they are so fashionable. :/ My oldest boy (who will be 21 tomorrow) is into yoga ever since taking a college course a couple of years ago. He says that I'm old now :) and really should incorporate it into my daily routine. I really should do some weight lifting, too. Have a good Sunday.

  4. I love that last sweater! I need to lose some weight and start working out....

  5. I've made the wardrobe switch over, too. No Zara here, but what pretty sweaters you've shown us. I'm on the lookout for more cozy tunics with a bit of polish (is that possible) to wear to school. Everything's pretty casual in teaching now.

  6. Mary, I love seeing the sweaters you like to wear. I'm a sweater fan myself. I bought one recently in Kansas City at the Peruvian Connection. I always like to shop their stores when I find one. Will need to check out Zara. We have one here, but I've not been.

  7. Love all the sweaters. Good for you getting your weight down. I have lost a bit this year too and it does feel good. Yes, I am lifting weights, but now adding some other exercises assigned to me by a physical therapist. Also just adding the treadmill. Oh we will be so "buff", Ha!!!

  8. Just think, the more weights you lift, the more fabulous those sweaters will look! :) Let me know how that goes for you. You first. :)


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