Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The 17-Mile Drive - Monterey to Carmel . . . . . . . .

The LONE CYPRESS - perched over the Pacific for hundreds of years.
Even though Monterey cypress trees prefer the bare, rugged, granite headlands, 
the famous Lone Cypress is a testament to the hardiness of these trees.
It has stood Pacific storms and winds for roughly 250 years. Fences and cables
 now offer added protection in hopes it will live to be 300. 

Pelicans, cormorants. . . . . . . . 

 . . . . . . wildflowers 

. . . . . . . the hummingbird 

. . . . . . . friendly chipmunks, much larger than the ones in our garden!

Bob befriending the wildlife. . . . . . . 

A perfect autumn afternoon along the Pacific coast - warm, fog-free,
 brilliant sunshine, a slight breeze - we were so lucky and appreciated Paula
taking us back to a favorite California coastal drive. . . . . . . .

Carmel's quaint buildings 

. . . . . . with a lovely lunch here at Casanova in the delightful village of Carmel.
California dreaming!


  1. I've always wanted to go to Carmel. Wish I had a place there.

  2. I've taken that drive before - it was simply heavenly. Enjoy, my friend!

  3. OH how beautiful it looks along that coastline. The sky is so blue. It is amazing that the old cypress tree has survived so long. Carmel looks like a quaint town.

  4. The colours are so brilliant it almost (but not quite) hurts to look at them!

  5. Ahhh, it's beautiful there. Absolutely wonderful. I could easily move to the Pacific Northwest, alas, I know no one there!! Great photos, my dear !!! So enjoyed. xx's

  6. Wonderful photos Mary - you have had a great trip to California, and seen lots of interesting wildlife too - the purple/blue wild flower looks similar to the exotic Echium pininana that grows in the gardens and around the coast in Cornwall.

  7. Stunning photos! That creature is a chipmunk? No stripe down its back? Cute, but too large for me.

  8. I just love this part of California. Jim and I spent our honeymoon many years ago in Carmel. It is soooo beautiful! Your photos are wonderful.

  9. Hello Mary, Your photos bring back memories of my own trip up the California coast. We took the smaller highway, and also stopped at the Lone Cypress. That area is so beautiful that it seems impossible to take bad photos, but yours are absolutely stunning. Thanks to Rosemary for recommending your blog.

  10. Ohhh...now I'm dying to go back to CA! I will have to show these photos to my hubby. ;-) Is the friendly creature perhaps not a chipmunk, but a squirrel??


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