Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Being who you really are. . . . . . . . . . . . .

 I'm totally 'up to my eyebrows' in trying to catch up with normal since
 arriving home from the great west coast trip!   

I'm so behind in posting stories and photos - still have tons to share
from the Kenya trip, and also more of the fabulous places we've just 
visited in California. 
I'm also feeling very guilty because I haven't had a moment to comment on
all your blogs which I so enjoy, plus answer some e-mails - please forgive me
 and know I'll be stopping by soon. The days are just not long enough, grrrrr!

BUT, today, on this fabulous sunny, warm October day, it is my birthday, 
and I will not lie, deceive, cheat, or try to hide the fact that today I have
 turned 73 - or perhaps that should be typed as 73
Gosh, who ever thinks about becoming this age when we are youngsters.
But, being that age is really more than a number, it's not a problem for 
me. I'm so grateful that I feel great and pray that I will continue to have
 good health and can plan more exciting travels for at least a few more years.

So, although I've not had time for autumn decorating - this dining room photo
 is from another year - since arriving home we've done a lot of garden cleanup
 from the effects of Hurricane Matthew.
We managed to fly out for California just as the hurricane arrived in town!
 Our neighborhood had many huge trees come down, but the roads are now
passable and the huge trunks and branches are stacked along the curbs
 awaiting pick up.
 Our cottage was spared from big trees falling this time thankfully.
 The loss of power for five days meant we came home to an empty fridge/freezer 
as our daughter had to come by and throw out all our perishable food.
 We've shopped and re-stocked and our great insurance company will be
 sending us a payment to cover the loss - Raleigh was definitely a disaster area.

So all I can say right now is I'll soon be back sharing old travels and telling
you about new ones.
As for today - I'm just going to enjoy my birthday - and be grateful for 
family, friends, and you for stopping by.

With love and thanks for your friendship.


  1. Happy Birthday Mary! I hope you have a wonderful day. I am so glad that all you lost in the storm was food.

  2. Boy can you ever time a vacation. Nothing worse than no electricity for days except maybe terrible damage. Have the happiest day Mary. At 73, you are running rings around me as I'll turn 65 before Christmas.

  3. Happiest Birthday wishes to you today Mary! You are very blessed to have such great health and ability to travel far and wide and to share your travels with us here on your blog. Enjoy this day and may you have a very blessed and healthy year ahead. xx Pam

  4. "Happy Birthday to you, pretty lady." I feel the same way about how time is marching on but like you, I am grateful for good health. My sister also celebrated her 73rd recently and we will be out for dinner with her on Saturday. She, too, looks and feels great.:) Love this photo of your table. Not too much decorating going on here except for outside. Audrey can't get to that. ;-) Enjoy your day and have some cake. hugs, Deb

  5. Happy Birthday dear Mary - you seem to get younger every year.
    It sounds as if you had a few extra chores to contend with on your return home From California as a result of Hurricane Matthew, but today is a day for relaxation and simply enjoying yourself.

  6. Happy Birthday, Mary! Glad you are taking time to enjoy the day and celebrate your life. Much love to you. Sara

  7. So pleased to know you returned home to no damage, Food can easily be replaced.
    Hope you've had a great day for your birthday, It's mine tomorrow 27th October 76yrs old and I don't mind telling or writing it, as Up till now when people ask ''if its not a rude question, how old are you ''I gratefully accept their compliments, telling me I look a lot younger. Look forward to catching up with all your news soon. When I also get time to read every ones posts.

  8. Dear Mary, Yes, please take the time dear Mary and enjoy your Birthday. They come all to often now. In a few weeks I will be 77. Like you, I am grateful for still enjoying good health and having my dear Mr G to help me enjoy birthdays, travels and just ordinary life.
    It's good to hear that your little cottage survived Hurricane Mathew. I hope that a glass of champagne is chilled, ready for you to celebrate your birthday and many, many more years in good health and happiness. ox, Gina

  9. Happy birthday, Mary! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing (??!) day. So glad your house was spared from the hurricane damage.

  10. Hi Mary, Ditto what everyone else has said. Did you know people who have lots of Birthdays tend to live longer! ( I'm not far behind you ). Enjoy!

  11. Happy Birthday. When I was a young student I lived in a hostel with a group of people who did not record ages. They were either young or old. Nowadays of course births are officially recorded by most people in this country, but not then. Sometimes I think about how useless it is to think of my age in years. Surely the only purpose is for medical reasons. So I will think of you not as old, or young, but as knowledgeable and mature.

  12. Happy Birthday Mary! I too just had a birthday ...70 I am also a Mary. Mary Jane, but I go by Jane or Janey. Seems like you like a lot of the same things I do...and you take beautiful pictures.
    Hope you don't mind if II tag along...Janey
    I hopped over from Rosemary's

  13. Happy Birthday, dear friend. Take you time. Take a breather~ Come back when you are ready. I can't wait to hear more when the time is right.

  14. Mary, Happy, happy birthday! My 60th was just a few days ago and I'm delighted to be finding so many fellow October babies! Aren't we a wonderful bunch? :) You have spirit and energy which we should all admire and emulate! I'm looking forward to hearing about your travel experiences, whenever you have the time to publish them. Also so glad your home was not too seriously affected by the hurricane even though your area is still going to take time to rebuild. Enjoy your birthday and best wishes for the coming year! Linda

  15. Happy Birthday, Mary! Celebrate and save visiting blogs for a rainy day when you have nothing better to do! 😉

  16. Happy, happy Birthday, Mary. So glad you had another nice trip and we look forward to all of your posts about Africa and California! Many thanks.
    Farm Gal in VA

  17. Happy Birthday, dear Mary. You make 73 look exciting and something to anticipate. I'll be 60 on Sunday and my brain is trying to wrap itself around that number. I wonder how I can possibly be that old?
    I'm glad you're settling into life at in your pretty cottage again, and look forward to reading about your travels when you have time.

  18. A huge Happy Birthday from us here in Chicago, Mary. We love you and wish you many, many more years of travels and a relaxed life in beautiful Raleigh with Bob. Keep up that instinct to 'get out of Dodge' as you did with Matthew!

    I have been reading your posts from California. Your pictures are extraordinary. Seems a bit sad that one has to be a gazzilionarre to afford a piece of paradise. Then again it makes us reevaluate the places we love and want to call home.

    Love you and look forward to catching up! Hope you had a wonderful day!


  19. Happy birthday my dear - glad that you are home and that the only damage was replaceable food. Some were hit so much worse. Enjoy being home and take your time - the blogs will always be there.

  20. Happy, happy birthday, dear Mary. Enjoy your birthday, indulge yourself with all that makes your heart sing. Relieved to know that your home didn't suffer damage. The food is easily replaced. ;-)
    Hugs from Texas!

  21. Here's a belated Happy Birthday to you! You are only one year older than my Mum, and I am grateful for her being as well and fit and happy as she is - sounds a bit like you.
    Getting older is an achievement - not something to hide. It is not a merit to be young, but ageing gracefully certainly is!

  22. Happy birth day! Take it easy, one at the time! Enjoy your birthday!

  23. Happy Birthday, Mary - I found your blog via Rosemary's 'Where Five Valleyes Meet', and like what I read and see here - so I will follow. Britta

  24. Happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  25. Happy Birthday! Take your time catching up.... your photographs are always worth waiting for. Hugs! Bonnie

  26. Happy (belated) Birthday. you and I share the same date for our birthdays and are exactly 10 years apart. Best Wishes for many more. Hope you had a wonderful day! Ranee (MN)

  27. Happy Birthday! Always so nice visiting your lovely blog...
    Take care!

  28. Happy belated B'day, Mary! and I think 73 still seems fairly young, actually. You aren;t that old and definitely still in good condition so keep going for it. Well done! that insurance payment for lost stuff certainly is a gift unto itself too.


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