Saturday, October 8, 2016

Heading west away from the hurricane!

 Storm watch at the beach.

 I watched these birds at the North Carolina coast last Autumn ~ I wonder
 how they will fare as Hurricane Matthew wreaks havoc here in the east today.

Bob and I are heading to San Francisco. . . . . . .then spending time in
 Napa and Sonoma wine country with friends, far from storms hopefully.
We'll raise a glass or two to you!


  1. Good plan, Mary. I have so enjoyed your photos from your holiday. :) Stay safe. Hugs, Deb

  2. Hope the wildlife is safe. Napa or hurricane? You're a smart cookie.


  3. I rode out my first tornado last night and the hurricane was a not bad at all here. Enjoy the West Coast ... Next time we get a storm forecast, I might run away to California :)
    I actually thought we were still waiting for the hurricane to hit last night when someone said, well, glad that's over! wow .. lol Enjoy California !!

  4. That sounds like a good plan Mary. Safe travels!

  5. Oh, your CA trip sounds delightful. Enjoy! Glad you are not dealing with storms.

  6. Glad you're getting out of town, though sorry this is happening to you just as soon as you're getting settled back in from your trip abroad. San Francisco and Napa are beautiful places to be, especially this time of year. Brian and I went to both back in 2009 for our 25th wedding anniversary.

  7. Fantastic!!! Enjoy. As of now, no damage to your area. We were definitely thinking of you and Bob.


    1. Damage on the NC coast. Only a lot of water probably in our crawl space AND no power since afternoon!
      Lovely here in San Francisco area though and the flights across the country were perfect on this Oct. day.
      Mary -

  8. Stay safe, Mary!
    I always worry about the animals when there are reports of catastrophes such as hurricanes, floods, bush fires and so on.

  9. We got our power back on almost immediately which was really shocking and wonderful to me.
    And it happened at night so we were basically using a flashlight to get to bed then waking to light and power.
    This part of Florida seems to have its act together, hoping for the best for everyone else too.
    I always said I would not live where they have earthquakes or hurricanes. I am biting my tongue every day :)

  10. Have a wonderful California adventure. Wishing I could be there too. We were hoping to visit there next year, but now have decided just to fly over California on our way to Arizona and New Mexico.

  11. Another wonderful vacation! I know that you'll enjoy yourselves.


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