Monday, October 3, 2016

The Maasai Community. . . . . . . .

Tirian Koya of the Maasai tribe. . . . . a truly lovely man.
Guide and driver at one of Kenya's top camps for many years.
Husband, father, son, and friend to all in his community, and to many
 here in the USA since his visits arranged by my friend Paula.
Tirian in colorful traditional Maasai garments, shuka, blanket and tribal jewelry,
 which he wears most days. . . . . and his fascinating, to me, sandals which
 he crafts from old tires.
We visited his Maasai community, a rough, bouncy two hour drive away on a cloudy
 day, with a thunderstorm and rain on the return which was interesting. 
Muddy tracks swimming in water, but thankfully Tirian's Land Cruiser made it
 back to camp for dinner.
Tirian holding Eunice and Sapawoi's little girl from his family - the little girl who
 screamed bloody murder when Paula, Bob and I tried to get close to her!
Eunice and her son, who didn't seem scared by our pale faces. . . . .and her mother.
Sapawoi, a most delightful gentleman and Tirian's uncle, Paula holding his son.
Beautiful Eunice.
Smiling children of the Maasai community.
Bob tried to teach them how to make the NC State Wolfpack sign when he
 noticed the boy's t-shirt!
Paula is hidden in this photo!  She had the attention of the village men, 
crammed into the living room when she whipped out the laptop and
 shared photos and videos from Tirian's visit to the States.

1 is Tirian's father, 2 is Moses, our guard from the camp who saved me
from those big hippos around the tent at night, and drove to the community with us.
Tirian's lovely mother, Nariku-Nkerra, who presented us with stunning handmade
 beaded jewelry gifts.

Mothers and children from the community - all who welcomed us in such a 
lovely way.

Tirian, Mary, Tirian's mother, Bob

I'll be sharing more on the Maasai community which Paula is supporting in many
 special ways. Also, in later posts, our visit to the school, and to the clinic now
 under construction. Many wonderful projects are being funded by the foundation which
 was set up in Paula's late husband (and our very dear friend) Sterling's memory. 

To learn more about how Paula runs the foundation, and to read the
 incredible story of what has been done to date, and the plans for the future,
 please go here ~


  1. thank you Mar - these brought tears to me eyes as generally anything about "my" community always does. they truly are my family and i'm 100% committed to helping make their lives better without changing the culture - which is very important to them.

    1. . . . . . . and thank you Paula for making it possible for us to visit there with you - it was truly a special day in our lives, one we will never forget!
      Mary x

  2. Such beautiful pictures and people. I kept wondering if someone was going to whip out their cell phone. Truly a wonderful and enriching adventure.

  3. What a beautiful post. The Maasai are a gorgeous-looking people, and their clothing is strikingly beautiful. What a wonderful experience for you to visit with Tirian's family in their culture.

  4. Hi Mary, how wonderful that you're visiting my most favorite African country ever. Having lived in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya for a year in 2011, I relate totally to this post. You have captured the essence of these beautiful people and their striking garments. Thanks for sharing. Greetings. Jo

  5. This Foundation looks really fabulous. I particularly like the way volunteers are truly self-funded volunteers. The people in that community certainly look as if they are receiving genuine benefits. What a wonderful family Paula has created.

  6. Mary, as always your photographs are gorgeous! What wonderful things are being done there. Hugs!

  7. Mary, it's such a treat to read this and see these photos of smiling faces. It's obvious that Paula, her friendship, and her foundation are making a difference in the lives of these people.

  8. Absolutely fascinating! I love the colorful clothes these people wear. I'm going to check out your link about the Foundation now.

  9. How hospitable of Tirian and his family to welcome you to their homes. What lovely people with beautiful smiles and faces and such colorful clothing and jewelry.

  10. Dear Mary, Amazing photographs. Such beautiful people the Maasai.

  11. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people! What a wonderful thing Paula is doing.

  12. What beautiful people. Thanks for the link to Paula's website too.

  13. Their garments are absolutely beautiful as are the people. How fortunate you got to go and your friend doing that good work, is marvelous!


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