Monday, October 17, 2016

The Vineyards, Winery Gardens, Cozy B&B's of California -

Such a beautiful place to visit. . . . . . . . . and I often find myself experiencing
 those "I could live here" moments!
Then I'm advised of the price of real estate!
Land for vineyards cost as much as a million dollars per acre.
Tiny houses a couple of million before an often needed rehab.
So I'm staying where I am of course. . . . . .but will always be up
 for a visit here where it truly is lovely.

Our beautiful suite on the lower level by the pool - in Napa. 
This amazing B&B is the Candlelight Inn and I'll be showing you much
 more of it in another post.

We are now in Ferndale, just south of Eureka, California.
A spectacular Victorian B&B in a small town full of Victorian buildings,
 the previous homes of cattle barons and dairy kings.
Weather is wet but we're seeing some beautiful scenery including the 
giant redwood forests and the pounding Pacific surf along the shore.


  1. I love the wine country in California. It reminds me of France and Italy.

  2. HI Mary, I'm just catching up on your posts from city to country. How beautiful!! It looks like you're having a fabulous time. Enjoy!

  3. Oh my country! How I love Napa, Sonoma, and the Redwoods. How far are you traveling north?

  4. What a gorgeous set of photos, Mary. The light is fantastic. Each one is a work of art, but the last one with those luscious, ripe grapes is truly wonderful.

  5. The B&Bs look like great places to stay, and I can easily understand why people travel long distances to come to the wine country in California.

  6. I love this area of the country. Want to go back! Great photos.

  7. Hello Mary,
    Lovely photos, I love driving through the vine yards here in France, have a great time.

  8. Just beautiful Mary ... the first few photographs have a touch of Tuscany about them.
    .... and, I LOVE that Victorian B & B. XXXX

  9. I love the curve of that driveway. The light looks similar to ours but the vineyard a bit more fancy.( we need to asphalt our drive. ) They leave the grapes till quite raisin like don't they.

  10. Lovely photos Mary - I had no idea that Californian was so picturesque or beautiful

  11. These gorgeous photos bring me back to the time we spent there in Sept 2009. I had never been to CA before and I fell instantly in love. Didn't want to leave! We stayed at a B&B in Napa called Hennessey House.

  12. What fantastic photos, Mary. Love those vineyards!

    Yes, that is how I feel whenever back in London. Our home growing up was sold in the 80's for 83K and is now worth 1.8 million pounds...for a non descript row home! then again, Arabs literally own ever house on the street now but the one we lived in ...according to the owner there who is still there and bought the hosue from my mother. Wow, if only my mother had not gone to Norfolk but stayed put!

  13. Love, love, love Napa - well, all of Sonoma, Santa Rose and Healdsburg, just love wine country!! Loved this post.


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