Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Autumn. . . . . . it's in the air!

The past few mornings crept up on us with the somewhat morose feeling of a
 seasonal change. Invisible skies, the garden cloaked in thick white fog, the
 grass dew covered. 
The now giant fig tree has laid down its first layer of dank leaves.
Later in the day, when the sun appeared and the ground dried, they 
metamorphosed into a cloth of gold, almost inviting one to sit beneath
 the branches and enjoy a late afternoon picnic. . . . . . . .or at least a
 cup of Darjeeling tea!

I have longed for Autumn this year following one of the most disappointing Summers
 in memory here in the southeast US. Nothing seemed quite right. Travels north 
and west brought the best Summer moments where I actually enjoyed the season.

No sunshine expected today, showers later, and now we are watching
 Hurricane Michael approaching the Gulf Coast of Florida.
This morning it has become an extremely dangerous category 4 storm. By 
tomorrow afternoon it will also start to impact North Carolina with very
heavy rains after making landfall and moving north. 

Friends and acquaintances in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina - we'll be thinking of you.


  1. It looks very autumnal there. It has cooled considerably here and time for fall cleanup and put up. I hope you don't get inundated this time. Donna@Gather

  2. It has been the same on our side of the state. Penny and I went shopping at the Screen Door yesterday and we talked of you. It was gloomy and rainy all day. Today it is even more rainy. It looks like Michael will just skirt us here. Praying for all in the path. Stay safe. xo

  3. Even though it gets summerly warm during the day here, the very chilly mornings and that special quality of light are unmistakeable - it is October.
    The leaves under your fig tree are beautiful!

  4. Good Morning, Mary. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always fun having visitors that you enjoy a brief moment with. I love figs, am so jealous of your big tree. Did you get figs this year? I make a killer fig pinwheel cookie! I should share it sometime on my blog. Would share it in person if I could. Have a great weekend.

  5. Thinking of you today and wondering how Michael has impacted you. Hoping you have plenty of Darjeeling tea to soften the day.

  6. That third photo is utterly magical!


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