Monday, October 29, 2018

Out of the blue. . . . . . .

Here it is almost November. 
Can you believe I'm actually cutting hydrangeas at this late date! 

I didn't have a single bloom all summer for two reasons -
cutting the shrubs down to the ground last autumn when the house was re-sided 
and painted, and the incredibly disappointing unseasonal weather we've
 experienced these past months.
Yesterday we worked in the garden for several hours. Weather was perfect, first 
really sunny day after what seemed a week of rain, dreary skies and quite chilly days.

The flowers are in water that will gradually dry up. I'll remove the remaining
 leaves - then hopefully have a nice bouquet of dried, faded blooms to use for
 decorating. I recently tossed out my old ones as they were disintegrating into
confetti and no longer pretty!

Happy week everyone. 
Hope this autumn week will be beautiful wherever you are.


  1. Those are fabulous hydrangeas. I bought a hydrangea with blue flowers two years ago and this year it had pink ones, so I guess I will give in and buy the supplement (aluminum something) to make the flowers blue. Do you add that to your fertilizer?

  2. We planted a new hydrangea this past June and I had to baby it most of the summer due to the heat. It is finally established and full of blooms.

  3. So pretty Mary, Why do these photos remind me of Spring.

  4. What a treat to have your blue hydrangeas blooming like this near the end of Autumn!
    Their vibrant colour is what we expect of the late Spring/early Summer blooms!
    My only blue is a Macrophylla, which hasn’t been great so I think I will replace it with a mop head next winter!
    Lovely to see you peeping through the petals Mary!

  5. they are so beautiful! I hope y’all enjoyed them for months to come. I sure enjoyed the photos of Washington DC in your former posts. I tried I tried to comment a number of times and lost all of them. Trying again!

  6. Just beautiful! I do love hydrangeas. Our fall was gorgeous until yesterday and now it is rainy. There have even been some tornados around the area, which is very unusual for this part of the country.

  7. Oh the hydrangeas are perfect - glad you had some nice weather.

  8. Amazing, such perfect hydrangeas in late October! Rain - couldn't you send some our way? We need it so badly!

  9. What a happy and beautiful surprise. I'm planning to spend some time in the garden today too. The weather has been so clear and lovely.

  10. Hydrangeas dry so well. I adore them. We had some gorgeous blooms in early summer but the drought and heat dries them out way too quickly even though I make sure to water them every day.

  11. Those are truly bountiful and gorgeous!


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