Friday, October 5, 2018

Country drive for pumpkins!

This week has flown by.  We have been so busy. 
Here it is almost the weekend again which doesn't seem possible!

Last weekend we drove through the North Carolina countryside to get our pumpkins.
It was so hot, and still is, high of 90F today, with no color changes visible in the trees yet. 
Fields of corn, tobacco, sunflowers etc. had been plowed under and some 
winter crops were greening up. The clouds were beautiful, hanging in the
 stillness of the sunny sky. All seemed perfect for an early Autumn day, other
 than just being far too hot!
We stopped, as always, at Sunni Sky's for homemade ice cream - rum raisin for Bob, 
raspberry for me - yummy!

We still wear our summer clothes - whilst I crave sweater, coat, and scarf days!
Still just linen sheets at night, but longing to change to the cozy duvet, turn off
 the a/c and open the windows.

 Our lovely friends at the Johnson Pumpkin Farm welcomed us - and we 'sat a spell
on the porch swing' sharing stories of the past twelve months since we came down
last Fall for pumpkins and squash grown by Ms. Freda and Mr. Doug.
The bad summer weather here with too much heat and far too much rain, has
 impacted the pumpkin crop - fewer for sure than the other years when we've visited.

Sweet Lucky the farm cat has become more friendly than ever - he was up
 in my lap as soon as I grabbed a spot on the porch swing and purred non-stop. 
He is now about ten, and has become a bit of a worry for the Johnsons,
 insisting on crossing the very busy road to meet up with their
 cows in the pasture across from the farmhouse. Here's hoping Lucky
is not using up his nine lives!

More another day as to where I'm displaying my pumpkins.
Plus, I've already roasted one to use in this this pumpkin and wild mushroom tart
 for supper last night. It was really good with a small green salad tossed with chipotle
ranch dressing and toasted pistachios.
My garden green peppers - a rather small crop - tomatoes 
from my neighbor's patch.

We both got our 'flu shots yesterday - important as it may be a bad 'flu season ahead.

Here's to an enjoyable weekend everyone.


  1. A very successful road trip! Pretty, too.

  2. I went out pumpkin and mum shopping today. It was 87 here. We also have no color yet. It is suppose to drop to mid 70's early next week....

  3. Beautiful photos of the pumpkin farm - and what a beautiful black cat! Your tart looks amazing. Wish I could send you some of the cool weather here in northern IL, but we've been having way too much rain, too.

  4. It's all so beautiful! How I would love that tart recipe. It looks delicious! Our weather definitely changed today and for the first time the sweater came out and even a scarf and jacket this evening. Maybe it is headed your way. Happy Autumn!!!

  5. Mmmh, that meal looks and sounds delicious! I thought heat and a lot of water are just the things that make pumpkins thrive, as they consist largely of water. Lucky is lovely, I hope he'll be around for at least another 10 years.

  6. Those photos are beautiful! I love all of the pumpkins. :)

  7. I look forward to your pumpkin trip each year Mary!
    Beautiful photos of the countryside near Raleigh too - I love the pretty old homestead.
    Such lovely pumpkins and like Marilyn I would love your tart recipe too!
    Good to hear you’ve had your flu shots as we have had some bad strains here this winter. I had my flu injection but many people were hospitalised here with pneumonia.
    A great post Mary!

  8. What fun to be driving out in that Very Green countryside to find some Autumn pumpkins. I do love the golden colours of the season. Your tart looks the business, very delicious, and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

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