Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fall fashion - sweater weather at last!

Each year at this time I enjoy bringing you a fashion post when
the new knitwear styles appear.
I love sweaters and took mine out of storage over the past weekend.
I have many (too many says the man of the house), but none of these yet!
I picked these to show you what seems to be fashionable in sweater land
 now - they are from either Zara or H&M - stylish, some cutting edge, all
affordable, and most can work with your basic/classic bottoms.

This is one I would like to have.  Its color is given as camel but if it's really
  more this color - I'd call it milk chocolate - I want it! 
I need to check the H&M's here, and perhaps on the road trip as my faux
 Zara suede pants would look so good with this sweater.
Details I like are the reversed seams and obviously long sleeves, which I need.

This soft grey is lovely - tucks on the shoulders and great long cuffs
 to turn back or wear over your hands on a cold day. I have too many grey
 sweaters though so have to pass on this one.

Love this, especially the sleeves. On looking again at Zara online, I see it is
 actually a mid-calf sweater dress! I think it must feel so silky on the skin.

A really good looking long basic sweater, cut more like a sweatshirt. 
With a deeper crew neckline and worn over the silky looking leopard print dress 
with a small buttoned collar, it takes on a whole new look.

Of course black sweaters of all kinds are so useful. I have a black classic 
style cashmere v-neck sweater with matching button-front cardigan - worn for 
several years, comfortable, and very 'ladylike' - does that old fashioned term
 even get used these days?
Several other black sweaters sit folded in my closet, all will work well for 
some occasion this coming winter, but I'm always looking for a new one.
This one, also from Zara, I will check out - love those big cabled sleeves.

Will you be shopping for knitwear now the weather is changing? 
Which do you prefer - shopping in stores or online? 


  1. Winter clothes have always been my favourites!
    I would buy the first grey one and the chunky black with cable sleeves.
    Nothing inspired me last winter so I bought very little - just one new scarf!
    We now have Zara and H & MπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    My three granddaughters stayed with us for a few days last week and the two older ones love clothes shopping! They are so sensible (well trained by their mother) Stella got five things for $35 at Cotton On........ pretty tops for summer!
    Their Grandmere is not so savvy!

  2. These sweaters all look very cozy. Yes, I will be shopping for some sweaters this fall. I prefer to shop in person, so I know it will fit.

  3. Some new trends and some wonderful classics. I am liking the return of brown these days. My preference is to shop online. I have no plans for doing that as I have plenty of nice enough sweaters. You must be thrilled with a return to sweater weather. πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

  4. Wearing sweaters is one of the best things about autumn. I purchased a burgundy cardigan for the fall, and will be pulling out my cashmere sweaters soon. I can't wear wool (even cashmere) next to my skin, so I'm always on the lookout for thin underlayers or shirts. You've shown some lovely sweaters here, especially the soft grey ones.

  5. I love the grey one. It looks very soft and cosy.

  6. I shouldn't have looked. I am trying not to shop, but now I want that camel sweater too. I love it and have been thinking camel lately. It is unique enough to be different than other sweaters in my closet. I am so happy you suggest H&M a few years ago. It is fun to find something for the wardrobe that doesn't kill the pocketbook. Recently I was in there for pajamas too.

    1. I've really never been disappointed in anything from H&M - for the price their merchandise is very good.
      I'll look for that sweater during my shopping time in Northern Virginia this weekend.
      Mary -

  7. Hi Mary...I'm a fall lover, through and through which includes fall clothing. I love sweaters and would never think I have too many. ;-)I pick the rust coloured one as a favorite in your post but they are all gorgeous. They look so comfy.

    1. I wanted that one too and tried to order it online however it's sold out in the US! May have it in Canada though - H&M.
      Mary -

  8. I will not be shopping for sweaters. I have so many classic winter sweaters after living in Colorado for 30 years that I don't need anymore . The jeans and pants to go with them may go out of style, but the great sweaters never will!!!

  9. I can not remember when I last bought any clothing item online. Our shops here are good, and I enjoy browsing and trying on when I am in the mood. Sweaters are useful this time of year, but can easily get too warm in an overheated office, so one has to dress in a versatile manner if out of the house all day.
    The silky sweater dress looks great, but seems a little impractical for me - if it is cold enough to wear a knit dress, a cut-out back and the slitted sleeves would make one feel way too chilly!
    I love twin sets (which is what the combination of sweater and cardi you describe is called in German), but at the moment do not have one. Ladylike is best - and a true lady can be ladylike even in a pair of jeans and t-shirt!

  10. Hello Mary, your fashion posts are always interesting. I love the unique details on some of these sweaters.

  11. Autumn/Winter fashion is my favourite Mary ...... boots, jackets, coats and, of course, jumpers !!!
    Do you want me to check the UK H&M for you Mary .... I could always send it to you. XXXX

  12. Our H&M have the camel jumper in XS, M and L !!! XXXX

  13. Is there a small part of you that would love to be young again and embrace fashion once more, setting it as well as deinfing it again? You are already fashion conscious but as with most things, youth is wasted on the youth! Ha


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