Saturday, October 20, 2018

Autumn soon -

Leaving home yesterday there were only tiny signs that somewhere
out there Autumn was on its way!
Notice the trees in my back garden were still really green.
Here, in northern Virginia and the District of Columbia it's
cooler.  I see a little color in the smaller street trees, but it's
 definitely not the usual vista of gold and orange seen in mid-October.

Today we'll be heading into the city where we'll park the car and
 enjoy some serious downtown walking, and perhaps some shopping.
It's cloudy, but the light showers during the night are over, and today
will be comfortable for sightseeing, high of around 64F. Hopefully I'll get
 some photos to share.

Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Hi Mary :) Beautiful photos. :) Mother Nature can't figure out if it's fall or winter here! We had some snow the other day, but the trees are all showing off their autumn colours! It's beautiful!

  2. Dear Mary - I am not too sure where you are right now! Are you heading off into Washington or is my geography wrong?
    The trees are slowly turning here, but still a way to go, but the skies are blue and the sun is out.
    Enjoy your day sightseeing together wherever it is that you are,

  3. Sounds beautiful! Take lots of pretty pictures!

  4. Mary, it is definitely more like fall here in Texas of late. We've even had a fire going this past week. It's been wet and cold! I'm loving it, but areas north of us have experienced terrible flooding. Feel sad for those suffering loss.
    Happy Fall to you and Bob.

  5. So different from where I am - we are already past the height of the most colourful time, trees are shedding their leaves as we speak, and the nights are cold enough to appreciate central heating in my flat. Going to make pumpkin in the oven today, a favourite food of mine.

  6. Your garden looks lovely in all seasons Mary, maybe when you return things might look different.
    Those tall cones are very attractive decoration pieces.
    We’re all looking forward to your Washington photos, so I for one am hoping you have fine weather!
    I expect there are some lovely shops so fingers crossed you find what you want! xx

  7. Love your pumpkins!! I want a silvery orange one, but haven't seen any. We have little ones from the garden, but that is it.


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