Monday, October 8, 2018

September in Seattle. . . . . .

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my fabulous Canadian friends.

Outdoor art at The Pink Door, Seattle.

I have enjoyed visits to Seattle several times over the years, often wishing
 I could have spent longer getting to know the city better.
This quick visit - really just half a day before heading to the airport to  
catch the red-eye home - was quite enough!  A fast walk through the aways colorful
Pike Place Market, a drink at the Athenian Bar overlooking the water watching 
the Ferris wheel turn as the ferries sailed back and forth between the islands of
Elliot Bay, and, as always, the visit topped off with a delicious dinner at my favorite restaurant.

The PINK DOOR is just that, an unmarked pink painted door in narrow, quaint Post Alley.
Enter the door . . . . down the steep stairs . . . . . the space is cozy with dining rooms, a bar,
 a stage for evening cabaret and burlesque, piano, even a trapeze, and opens
 onto water views from a lovely shaded lattice covered dining deck. 
The staff are friendly and totally laid back. Many are heavily tattooed, with
 multi-colored hair and unusual jewelry and clothing - all seem to love their jobs
 and some have waited tables there for years. The food, American-Italian
 is excellent. 
I think my only reason nowadays to be 'sleepless in Seattle', 
is if I'm offered dinner at The Pink Door!

Flying in to Seattle.
Elliot Bay

Have you visited Seattle?
If so, do you have a favorite dining spot?


  1. Never been to Seattle, and most likely never will, but it is always good to get a glimpse of a place through the eyes of a blogging friend like you.

  2. Never, and I see you got a clear day!

  3. I have never heard of the pink door. I have been to Seattle many times, but to tell you the truth I don't have a favorite. There use to be a Thai restaurant near Pike's Market, but it isn't there any longer. Oh, it was the best. Since I am usually there for the tea festival at the Seattle Center I usually eat nearby at either a Thai or Greek restaurant and love a stroll through the Metropolitan Market for something special to take along. Maybe I need to allow more time to explore.

  4. Seattle looks a little like Auckland, in that we’re both surrounded by water!
    I love harbours with the movement of yachts, ferries and in summer the visiting cruise ships.
    Seattle seems to have an upbeat vibe with the markets and the Pink Door restaurant sounds like THE place to spend an evening with live music and fun!
    Thank you for another well written travelogue that makes me want to jump on a plane and visit!🤗

  5. We've been there many times as we have family in the general area. Our favorite dining place, I'm afraid to admit, it's so "touristy," is the top of the Space Needle, right around sunset. We did not know about the Pink Door! If/when we get back up that way, we'll have to give it a try.

  6. No I have never been to Seattle, but it looks like a city I would enjoy. If we ever go, I will try to remember that Pink Door. Seattle does look vibrant and arty.


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