Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Scribble Picnic - DOUBLE

Wishing you a frightful HALLOWEEN!

Scribble Picnic falls on All Hallows' Eve this year. Trying to find something
  to fit scary Halloween and a happy 'picnic' when the theme from Michael
today was a simple word like DOUBLE, was a bit of a challenge for me!

I ended up with two black cats, which could definitely be double the trouble
 on Halloween night when the Trick or Treaters come to the door!
We have our candy treats ready so no smashed pumpkins expected. 
I love to check out the kiddies cute, creative costumes. . . . . and
 see how many treats they've collected in their bag or bucket.

Later today make a visit to Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC page to see what
 pops up for the DOUBLE (or JOLT - an alternative prompt for today) theme.
Last evening you may have noticed Blogger went haywire - it was 
impossible to work on posts and photos disappeared from many
previous posts, that was scary knowing the goblins were at work!
Today it's up and running I believe and we should be able to link 
Expect the macabre from some of our creative group of artists!

Have fun tonight - if you stop by we have plenty
 of sweet treats to hand out.
I'll be the one in the pointed hat!


  1. I love that you included a Halloween theme for your DOUBLE piece today Mary, superb!

  2. Hi Mary! Happy Halloween!!! I love your Double Trouble!!! :) Enjoy your evening!!! :)

  3. Clever take, Mary, and I can totally see why you would enjoy the costumes as it hearkens back to your own fashion days, right? Anyway, super well done and another fun write up. I'll have the PB cups, please. :)

    Ham yes, blogger goblins has a certain ring to it too, I think. Fab.

    Thank you so much for join gin this week too. When's the next trip?! :)

  4. Cute take on the theme, Mary. I also enjoy seeing the trick or treaters come to the door. One girl came as the Paper Bag Princess, which I thought just brilliant!

  5. What a fun scribble!
    Happy Halloween! No trick-or-treaters here anymore; so we went to a street nearby with restaurants and shops and watched all the costumes come to the restaurant for candy while we ate our dinner. What fun to see them out and about.

  6. Wow she's a very glam wicked witch - your artistic skills really shining through Mary!
    Happy Halloween!
    It's been and gone here and our next thing is Guy Fawkes night on the 5th - I can hear crackers already!

  7. What an attractive witch, and clever double trouble. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween Mary. x

  8. Love your take on the theme, Mary! Nice that you went with the Halloween theme too...very fitting.

  9. Good one, Mary, but I would say triple trouble as your Witch looks like the bad Witch as opposed to the Good Witch. Halloween can bring that out in us, I am sure. I have sweets too ... many left over because we are in a new neighborhood and I over bought not knowing how many kids we would have. Open to suggestions as to where I can donate them ... otherwise they will be eaten by me and that is not a good thing. Great job Mary ... and Happy Halloween.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. two cats equals to good luck? I don't know. good idea for sp theme.

    have a lovely day.

  11. The witch's garb is beautiful. She must be a good witch. I love that you gave her double cats. They can all keep an eye on each other.

  12. Mary,

    I'm late, very late making my rounds on the 'Jolt/Double' theme for SP. You did a superb job on Double Trouble great tie in with the theme and Halloween! :)


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