Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Scribble Picnic - Chicken

I definitely don't eat chicken - or any meat or poultry - but I do enjoy
 a freshly laid hen's egg now and then! 
Softly boiled, served in an egg cup with crunchy 'toast soldiers' for 
dipping, in the English childhood nursery classic way.
 Michael you know where I'm coming from . . . . . . . it's my favorite breakfast.

On a run out into the countryside on Sunday afternoon to gather 
some pumpkins, I also tried to find a sign by the road saying 
'Fresh Eggs for Sale'. . . . . . sadly nothing appeared.
Sometimes I think of getting a chicken coop but, with our visiting foxes
it's not a good idea!

Pop over to Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC today - our prompt is Chicken
and I'm hoping our creative scribbling group will come up with some 
interesting chicken art . . . . . and perhaps stories of chickens they've known!


  1. Lovely chicken piece Mary your comment at my blog left a smile on my face.

  2. Hi Mary :)) I love your chicken! :) Oh...that's a noodle scratcher, if I think too long about which came first, I'll end up in the chicken coop myself lol...I have an intolerance to egg yolks, but in my braver younger days, when I had a stronger stomach, I used to soft boil and egg or two and dip my toast into it...and oh gosh, that was my favourite breakfast of all time!!! Now I settle for an egg white omelet, which is still yummy :) It's definitely pumpkin weather!!! :)

  3. Mary,

    I love chickens, especially in my plate. lol I'm sorry I couldn't resist. :) Nice artwork! It makes me think of a cartoon strip.

  4. Well, yes, that is way too cute to eat anyhow! Aww. Love it, Mary. And yes, I totally know waht you mean--one of my favourite "Meals," actually. Seriously. :)

    BTW, the new theme is up--Bottle/s! I am sure you can have lots of fun with that one.

    Thank you for playing along.

  5. Nice take on the theme, Mary! I remember, as a child, Mum would occasionally do the boiled egg with toast soldiers. We kids loved having scrambled eggs best made by my Dad.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. xo

  6. Lovely post and I just love an egg for breakfast, the best :)
    Have a beautiful week, take care...

  7. What a cute Chicken and yes, I too love a nice crisp toast dipped in a soft cooked egg. It is one of my favorites and, as my family is English, I suspect it has come to us from past generations. I love the simplicity of your drawing. I so wish I could capture the personality in simple lines as you have ... maybe something I could work on. I am so enjoying being back on Scribble Picnic.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. I used to only want my eggs with no moving parts but I tolerate that soft gooey yolk a little more now. I think your chicken is cute even if she does look a little perplexed!

  9. I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This post posted at this website is genuinely fastidious.

  10. I have never acquired a taste for soft boiled eggs, but your description sounds tempting. My daughter has chickens yet is allergic to eggs; so we have a dozen freshly laid eggs in our refrigerator right now.

  11. Oh I forgot to say, she also has coyotes so must have a very high fence to protect her chickens.

  12. Your scribble picnic sounds like fun - love your little chicken. Our kids had chickens when we lived in a farmhouse in Kansas when they were in grade school - silly things were sure fun to watch. I like an egg sandwich now and then - fried gently on a piece of whole wheat toast - just the thing to start off a good day.
    So sorry we couldn't get together when you were out here - I'm recuperating nicely - everything was fine at the follow-up doctor visit - just taking time to get back up to normal speed.


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