Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Get Away. . . . . . .

We'll be on the road in a few days time. . . . . . .a pre-birthday (mine!)
 trip to the big city.  

A place full of memories of days long ago.  
A place where I arrived 56 years ago today!  
There I started a new phase of my then young life
 when I came to work in the USA.  


  1. Enjoy your pre-birthday getaway! The Big City must have changed quite a bit in the past 56 years, but I suppose some things have remained the same, maybe the general atmosphere.

  2. Oh dear Mary - 56 years ago!
    I have a picture of you in my mind back then - as a gorgeous young girl - Im sure you were a glam fashionista of those days! You must have been 19 or 20?
    What an adventure and I seem to remember it was in Washington that you met Paula, who also came from Torquay?
    Similarly a friend and I at 24 ventured across the ditch to Sydney, we thought we were the bees knees - what memories we have of those carefree fun times!
    Enjoy your pre birthday sojourn Mary and your walk down memory lane - I’ll be thinking of you!
    Shane xx😘

  3. A very special reason for a little road-trip and a break in the city. Have a fabulous time Mary, and Happy Birthday.

  4. Dear Mary, Oh what fun you're going to have. Bon Voyage!

  5. Hope the get-away is wonderful! Happy Birthday!


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