Saturday, December 15, 2018

Admiring the Amaryllis "Charming" -

This year I actually have a beautiful amaryllis blooming in time for Christmas.
I purchased this one in November at a hardware store, the only place at that time
where I could find this color which I though would be really pretty in my decorating 
theme at Christmas.
Spending most of the time from early November on the dining room table, where the
 light is good, this beauty started growing and has just kept going, first one bloom
opening and soon followed by three more. I'm hoping they will last through the 

I continue to have frustrating problems with Blogger/Google/Safari  - who knows which
 one is creating gremlins - both posting and commenting!
I'm not giving up quite yet but things really need to improve soon as my patience
 is wearing thin!
Meanwhile, this post I'm using Chrome which seems to be working much better for
 me, fingers crossed!

Hope your holiday plans are moving along smoothly.
Enjoy each day of this busy weekend.
Here in North Carolina most of the snow has gone as we have had heavy, nonstop, 
rain for two days. Quite honestly, it's not looking very Christmassy out there, just a
 mass of soggy brown leaves covering everything under leaden skies.

Last evening I went to a fun "Girls' Holiday Wine Night" at a friend's
home - my driver was Bob who transported me through inky darkness
in pouring rain and miserable rush hour traffic, and came back
 for me a few hours later. That made the evening so enjoyable, 
and I was able to enjoy my wine and time with a lovely group of 
interesting women.

Hoping the coming week will brighten up, I need to get out 
and about to finish my shopping and start on my baking!!!!


  1. Dear Mary - sorry that you are having problems. I gave up using Safari a couple of years ago now having used it very successfully for years - I don't think that they have kept their site up to date as much as some of the others. It is hard to let a site that you are familiar with go, but I now use only chrome or firefox, both of which I find satisfactory. Are you now using your new computer too?

    1. Hi dear Rosemary - so happy to see you here this morning. Yes, think perhaps I'll stick with Chrome for a change, Safari is causing too much frustration for me!
      Yes, have my new MacBook Air and it seems to be doing fine. Bob also has a new iMac on his desk and although he's having to get used to learning new things (because he didn't back up his old one and the hard drive died so he lost everything so had to start afresh!) it's also doing great.

      I will try to start commenting again after the holidays - or before if I have time - using Chrome, which hopefully will be kind to me!
      Enjoy your Christmas and all the best for a healthy and very happy New Year to you and your family.
      Hugs - Mary

  2. such a beautiful amaryllis blooming.
    merry Christmas

  3. Just gorgeous!
    A wine night with girl friends is so special.
    My lunch with my girl friends this past Thursday feeds my soul.

  4. The last time I had an amaryllis was when I still lived at home with my parents - around 30 years ago - and it was just like yours, the same wonderful pastel colour!
    Your evening out sounds like my kind of thing. I had my girlfriends over for our beloved Secret Santa last night, with one of them travelling 800 km to be with us, and stopping over until this morning after breakfast. We had so much fun, and it was not all due to the champagne!

  5. Your amaryllis is beautiful Mary! Glad you had some girls night out fun. We still have about 6 inches of snow on the ground here and we have had two days of rain as well. And it has been foggy all day and night! Tomorrow the sun is suppose to shine.

  6. Lovely amaryllis. I prefer that colour to the bright red.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas, Mary.

  7. The amaryllis is lovely. Looks to be going strong. Sorry that blogging remains a pain in the keister.

  8. Beautiful amaryllis. It's been a few years since I've had one.

  9. Your amaryllis is beautiful, dear Mary, and such a lovely colour. I hope the blooms persist until Christmas. My paperwhites are just beginning to bloom and smell good when I walk by. I have a Christmas cactus blooming for the first time for Christmas, too.
    The world of technology can be so frustrating and is always changing. Sometimes I wish the powers that be would quit changing everything so often, thinking they are improving things. I hope Chrome works consistently for you.

  10. Dear Mary,
    What a beautiful Amaryllis. I have always thought that Apple Blossom was the prettiest. Now I will be searching for one that looks like yours.
    I have saved mine from year to year. They bloom in April and May and they also get smaller. However, I think that they are still worth saving.


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