Friday, December 28, 2018


After the snow had melted from that storm we had just prior to Christmas,
 a squirrel gnawed on the firewood piled up on the table. It was there the weight
of the heavy snowfall actually snapped the umbrella post - metal fatigue! 
We should have cranked the thing down when snow was forecast, or at least
 gone out and knocked the 8" of heavy wet snow off before it caused damage.

Well of course there is no snow now, in fact today was in the
 seventies, far too warm for this time of year!

 I'm feeling fatigued myself. 
The Christmas festivities and all the work that went into making it a
 special time, has worn me out!
So. . . . . .taking a blog break perhaps until next year!!!!!!

FYI - the Eastern grey squirrels around here are building nests (called 
dreys) high in the oak trees as it's breeding time again. They will have their
 first babies between February and March. I've noticed them rolling leaves
 on the ground, stuffing them into their mouths and carrying them up into 
the branches. 


  1. Je suis aussi fatigué Mary!!!
    After all the planning, list making, shopping - at last it's time to put my feet up and relax!
    The whirl of Christmas festivities is always the same and I never seem to remember my New Year resolutions to "prepare early"!

    How sweet the little squirrels are - a shame we don't have them here.
    I always appreciate your wonderful wildlife photography!
    Happy New Year to you and Bob
    Shane xxx

  2. Next year? As long as that?! 😏 Rest up. I think we all need to. I am horrified at the thought of a bunch of new squirrels. Truly.

  3. Oops! We lost an umbrella from our balcony in a windstorm years ago. It just picked it up and carried it away. Didn't even think about securing it but definitely would have been a good idea. You definitely got a lot of snow for it to break the metal like that. Enjoy the remaining days of 2018. Best wishes for the new year!

  4. A couple of months ago we had a huge thunderstorm with heavy winds. We forgot to put our umbrella down and the wind ripped out of the base. It hit our room and flew into the woods. We found it the next day all torn to pieces and broken. We had to buy a new one. Get some rest and enjoy your time away from the blog. xo

  5. Dear Mary - give yourself some space with time to relax, and may Bob and yourself have a new year filled with good health and happiness.

  6. Hope you are rested in the new year. Wow! Snow than warm weather. It is just crazy weather all around. We are so far having a very mild winter.

  7. That is crazy weather, Mary...8" of snow then in the 70's. We've had a mild December here and no snow for Christmas. It snowed a bit yesterday but only left a slight dusting on the ground. The frigid weather should be hitting us in Jan or Feb. I'm dreading it! Rest up and I will talk to you in the New Year. xoxo

  8. Oh what a shame about the umbrella!!! I haven't felt the fatigue yet...but I'm sure it'll arrive about January 3rd lol! Take care Mary! xx

  9. I hope you find good rest during these days until next year, Mary. We all need it. I've felt the fatigue, too. Your comment posted on my blog today, so I hope some of the difficulties you've had have disappeared.
    Happy New Year, Mary and Bob!

  10. Happy, happy 2019 Mary .... wishing you and your family good health and many happy times in the coming year. Much love. XXXX

  11. I can only imagine a break was truly in order! You probably overdo it each year for the holidays but how blessed those are around you to enjoy your efforts. :)


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