Sunday, December 9, 2018

Snow for the South. . . . . . .

The expected storm came in full force and snow started falling here
 at 1:30 AM last night.  
By early morning it was obvious it was a very wet, heavy, damaging 
 snow and it continued until around noon. By then we had 8 inches
 and shrubs started bending, branches splitting, large 
azaleas, privets, camellias are all crushed to the ground. . . . . . a most
distressing sight. Nature pruning again!
The snow then turned to rain, the winds picked up, the heat pump coils
iced up and the house cooled off a bit. The outside temperature hovered 
just above freezing all day and some snow was washed away by the rain,
the remainder will re-freeze overnight and there will be lots of 
cancellations tomorrow as the roads will be icy and driving hazardous.
This evening our heat is running, thankfully we have not experienced 
any power outages. There are thousands of homes without power
across North Carolina.

Yes folks, this is the south and those of you in the north are probably 
laughing at this point. They don't do snow well down here! We become a
bunch of cry babies.
I recall my many years in New England where this was "just a dusting", 
 we put on the snow tires, warmed up the engine, scraped off the ice,
and headed to work!

I was wishing for a White Christmas. . . . . . seems it arrived a bit too soon!


  1. Oh Mary, those pictures look like straight out of an Advent calendar - I love each and every one of them, my favourites are the snow-covered shed and the red birds in the tree looking like jewels. Wonderful!
    I know it must be anything but wonderful when you hear your trees and shrubs breaking under the weight of the wet snow, and when you can not drive on the icy roads, and especially for those who have no power and no heat right now. But it is easy to forget about all the unpleasantness when looking at those pictures.

  2. In the south of England we'd be in shock too! Not sure we're getting any snow this winter, so far it's been so mild. Your Cardinal birds (?) look so pretty in the snowy branches, I expect they are pleased you have feeders out for them.

  3. Oh dear! That is serious snow. How horrid to see your lovely garden so beaten down. Stay warm and safe.

  4. Even my husband was shocked the other day when we were watching the news and they were talking about NC being hit with so much snow. You got some beautiful images. Those sweet birdies must be wondering what the heck is going on. It's a wonder their little bodies can handle such cold temperatures. Stay warm and safe.

  5. A wonderful photo op! Everything looks so different and magical wearing snow. No, we don’t laugh at you at all. We know that you just don’t have the equipment to handle it all because it is relatively rare. I am glad that it arrived early as no one needs Christmas to be all snarled up. Hope it warms up and is just a memory in a few days.

  6. Oh Mary, how beautiful. Just look at those lovely cardinals flitting about in the snow, and how gorgeous are the trees and everything else with a dusting of snowy white. Enjoy the spectacle!

  7. We had 18 inches here in Saluda. And it is snowing again this morning. We are snowed in here because we live in a rural area. We will probably not be plowed out for a couple of days. It is pretty though!

  8. Patricia Orrell, London, Ontario CanadaDecember 10, 2018 at 1:48 PM

    Mary, you have more snow than I do, up here in London, Ontario Canada. I use to have blog PODesigns, and I read your faithfully. We are forecast rain on Friday, so we may loose what snow we have.

  9. Hi Mary...goodness, you have more snow than we do. And as pretty as it is I hate that it's hard on the birds. They sure do rely on us bird-lovers.Loved your photos, as always. xo

  10. Your photos are achingly beautiful. White snow, red cardinals, just gorgeous! On the rare occasions that we get snow here, it's also a big event because people are not used to it. And snow just around the freezing temperature is dangerous. I'm glad you kept your power and hope the pruning wasn't too severe.

  11. Dear Mary,
    Your charming cardinals look like they are in shock. Sometimes, in the Spring, we get that kind of whet snow. It causes a lot of damage to your property and on the road. Hopefully, the worst is over.

  12. Your photos are just gorgeous. The touches of red with the white is magical. Thanks so much for your lovely pictures.

  13. It certainly looks beautiful but that's not real compensation for all the troubles. Glad to know your home is still warm and cozy.

  14. Well, it was definitely pretty, nonetheless. I love those red boxed and cardinals in the snow. That's Christmassey!


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