Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Scribble Picnic - BANG!

OK, I'm going to be totally honest here and tell charming host Michael, 
along with any Scribble Picnic participants who may
 make it here today, that I'm really cheating and beg forgiveness.

This is not original art - I just took readymade, edited a bit, but didn't even
 have time to do my usual 'watercolour effect'.

Yes Michael, what were you thinking of when you picked BANG! as today's
 theme?  And expecting a Brit to actually work on this day - shame on you!
Just kidding, but Boxing Day is my most special day of the year, and 
after such a busy past two days I had nothing ready for the picnic today - 
well other than leftovers - mince pies with Cumberland rum butter, 
sherry trifle, a nice chunk of Stilton with half a bottle of good Port, and a 
bowl of leftover snack mix which did the rounds on Christmas Eve!

What made a 'bang' around here?  
Even pulling crackers, which we did a lot of, only made mediocre
 snaps, definitely not a big bang within hearing distance!

So there you have it, and yes, it is a 'bang up' day here - brilliant sunshine,
calm, and warm enough to head outside for a picnic - if you have patio heaters, 
warm sweaters, and lots of warming drinks!
Hmm, that said, I'm off to at least make a hot chocolate which I will 
enjoy in my new (show you later) very neat huge Anthropologie mug (a gift 
from granddaughter Jasmin), before the sun sinks too low.

Hope your Christmas was perfect.
Happy Boxing Day to all.


  1. Very creative entry for 'Bang' Mary! I had been thinking of fireworks or something of that nature, New Years coming and all that. This works well. Happy Scribble Picnic and thanks for your nice comment today too.

  2. Okay, you got me ... a "huge Anthropologie mug"? What is it? I would really like to see it. Don't apologize for not being completely original ... at least you made the effort. I failed to do so and I have a whole list of excuses, but I am still disappointed when I don't get to sit down and do my Scribble Picnic. Next week for sure, but, I still haven't been able to fix my blog so people can comment. It is very disappointing and I have run out of ideas as to what to do ... sigh :( Anyway, I still enjoy coming to see your art and read your posts. I love that you have traveled so. I would like to do more, but seem to be limited by life's circumstances. I am leaving in two weeks for Thailand though ... can't wait. It is a beautiful place. Have you been there? Hope your Christmas was warm and wonderful, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. I too am having comment problems Andrea - can’t leave them on many blogs! Just don’t know what’s going on.
      Yes have visited Thailand (2011)and loved it - especially Chiang Mai. You can see pix if you open the Thailand thumbnails at very bottom of my blog. Have a fab trip - best wishes for 2019. Will post on the Anthro mug later.
      Mary -

  3. Hi Mary! :) You are forgiven. ;) LOL! It's a fun contribution!!! :) Your meal sounds delicious, I used to eat Stilton on graham crackers with port, it was such a treat!

  4. I thought the theme was hard too. but this is a nice art, makes me think of comic books.

    have a lovely day.

  5. Mary,

    What part of North Carolina do you live? We often visit the mountains of western NC. I have family who live east of Asheville about an hour or two (I think). Anyhow, 'Boxing Day' isn't such a big deal for us. In fact, we just lounged around all day since DH was off work. My schedule is totally whacked and it's not going to straighten out until the second week of the new year, either. There's nothing like a little holiday chaos to throw you for a loop. lol At least you got your art challenge prompt up. I'm not sharing mine until Monday as I feel it's more appropriate for the time slot. Hopefully, with the next prompt I'll be on que again. Have a wonderful, fun, and safe New Year's Eve celebration and may God bless you in throughout 2019!

  6. A BANG-up post, Mary! I've been offline since before Christmas, and I agree with you about Boxing Day. It's still Christmas!
    I'm glad your weather is cooperative; sunshine would be so welcome here just now after days of unrelenting drizzle and rain. Happy New Year to you and Bob, may 2019 bring you much joy!

  7. Oh dear, I don;t see my comment from two weeks back here! I did leave you one but the internet has been intermittent at best so perhaps it never made it through. Sorry about that.

    It's ok on the post. Ha. I get it though- totally. I know! This Boxing Day was the most non Boxing Day of all in my entire life...well, except for the first two years in America but needless to say, I plan to ensure the next is more memorable, spent with fam who care about celebrating the holidays. :)


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