Sunday, December 16, 2018

Moving along with Christmas decorating. . . . . . .

A brighter day. . . . . . . . . 

. . . . . . . . as this morning, following another dismal weather day of rain and heavy fog
shrouding the landscape, I awoke to sunshine creating light and shadows in the 
dining room.

Last night I worked on dining room decorations as at last I'm getting some relief
 from the shoulder pain. 
I recently sprayed the last of my Fall pumpkins with 'nickel' paint. They are 
still solid and I haven't the heart to just throw them out yet. I'm using them on the
 table, as I've done some other years, and like how they look mixed with
 Christmas themed ornaments.

Note the row of cutout white squirrels on the top of the Welsh dresser - they
 have tiny battery operated lights attached and look cute in the dark evenings. 
 A recent IKEA purchase and perhaps my only new Christmas item as I'm really
 trying to downsize the decorating this year!

How is your holiday decorating going?  Are you doing more or less this year?
Does your neighborhood go to town with outdoor Christmas decor?


  1. Some decorating happening around the house. We're excited today -- we plan to put up our fresh tree. It's so full of fragrance, I'm really looking forward to it.

    Our neighbourhood is well lit up ... it gives a boost to the spirits to see all the lights. Makes it all feel so festive.

    Your house is looking lovely with all your decorating in place. I love your little Christmas tree made from music sheets.

    Wishing you a happy Christmas,

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Brenda - I made the little music sheet trees last year after seeing them in the UK CountryLiving - my favorite mag of all!

      A real tree is always such a treat - enjoy your decorating then sit back and breathe in the wonderful fragrance of pine.

      Yes, our neighborhood has some lovely outdoor decorations if one takes time to drive around. On my street not so many as we do have a lot of elderly people who just can't do all that work any longer. Well we're elderly too, haha, but so far we still are able to string some lights, hang wreaths, and put out the floodlights on the front lawn which really illuminate our cottage and the garden at night - and it all looks so pretty and Christmassy for a few weeks.

      Have a wonderful holiday time - happy Christmas from North Carolina.
      Mary -

  2. I love that deer with the red scarf! I am still working on the dining room, but I went very low key this year.

    1. Yes, knitted that little scarf last year!
      Not knitting much right now - when shoulder is better hopefully I can take up my needles while watching mindless TV shows!!!!

  3. Hi Mary :) Your decorations are really pretty! I love the re-purposed pumpkins! How inventive!!! I'm glad to hear your shoulder is doing better. The squirrels are neat, but I really like that row of deer heads!!

    1. Rain, the deer heads are china ornaments sold at Lowe's or Home Depot a few years back - they really are cute. Later today I'll go outside now the rain has gone and find a nice red berry to stick on at least one reindeer nose!!!!

  4. We always go all out with our decorations. I love Christmas. It's my favourite holiday and the only one I put a lot of effort into. Your decorations are simple but very pretty. Hope your sunshine will last. We could do with some rain over here.

  5. It all looks very Country Living, Mary!

  6. Love those pewter pumpkins (nickel paint ✔️) and I like how the beautiful lady looks out upon a sunny morning. So glad that you have some relief in your shoulder and feel like decorating and baking. Excellent!

  7. Your decorating is so elegant and pretty. Those music paper trees are charming. I'm glad to read that you are getting some relief from your shoulder pain. We're having so much rain these days and the dark dreary days are rather gloomy.

  8. I really like those squirrels, and the red deer on top of the dresser. Having silver pumpkins as part of your Christmas decoration is rather unusual, but it looks great.

  9. Your decor is so beautiful, Mary! I'm glad to hear your shoulder is feeling a bit better. When I'm done with my pumpkins, I put them outside for the squirrels. They bite through them to get to the seeds. :-)

  10. I loved seeing your elegant decorating Mary. The silver pumpkins are beautiful, and fascinating, while the white squirrel freize is so appealing. The musical Christmas trees are gorgeous, so creative - I'll bet your made them yourself :)

  11. Dear Mary,
    Your Christmas decorating is coming along and looking beautiful. I love your quiet colors. Hope your shoulder is healing can not be easy when you have so much to do.

  12. How I adore your decorating style. I never think of spraying pumpkins for decorating, but love the idea. Decorating is done. Packages sent and wrapped. Just a little more baking. Preparing for company now. A tea party on Thursday and guests on Friday, then the festive season will be all about just enjoying with food and song. There is quite a bit of decorating as beside the live tree I found a fake tree at IKEA; so next year we will just do the IKEA tree going forward. I will try to thin down as I box things up after the holidays. It is hard, but so necessary.

  13. Campbellsville had some xmas decorations up in the downtown strip but they seem very dated -from about the 80's or 90's! I'm glad they did something though and with Alexandra decorating about a good third of oldtown's shop windows that part was magical indeed. Now, Fort Collins is truly incredible at Christmas with it looking like something out of "It's a Wonderful Life" or such. It is utterly magical--thanks, in part to all the trees decorated with white lights everywhere.

    Alex and I had a small tree on a little landing table with some lights gogin down a stair rail but that was it as its not our home.

  14. In fact, you know, we STILL have those decorations well as one jolly fat and happy looking English robin stuffie adorning one side.


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