Thursday, December 6, 2018

Bird Attacks - The story of Blue Boy. . . . . . .

Perhaps you have a similar story to share about a bird who just wouldn't go away!
If so, you've probably dealt with this issue we're having, the bird who 'attacks' a window.

Some birds species are naturally very aggressive and territorial. When they notice their
 reflection in a window, car mirror, chrome bumper, reflective grill, gazing ball, or
 similar shiny surface, they assume it's a rival bird and will attack the reflection to try
 and drive the intruder away. They may fly at the reflection, peck at it, rake it with their
 talons, or beat it with their wings. They may also strike aggressive poses and
 threat postures in front of the reflection between actual attacks. 
While these actions do not generally cause severe injuries, they can lead to
 exhaustion that will make the bird more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition
 and predators.

The Eastern Bluebird is one of the many birds who are known to attack
 themselves in a reflection. This is most common in late winter/early spring
 toward the breeding season when birds' competitive drive is highest and 
they start to claim territory.

So, introducing BLUE BOY, the handsome Eastern bluebird who has been driving us
 crazy the past two days! Apparently his calendar is off as it's nowhere near breeding
season. . . . . . . plus he already has a mate, You will see her further down in the photos
casually eating seeds, while he continues to bang on the dining room window, stare at
me through the glass, chirping quietly and then fly up to check out the hanging 
bird boxes. These bluebirds have been nesting here for several years, but not in those 
boxes, they prefer the larger birdhouse on a pole in the garden, which by the way, we 
recently cleaned out ready for spring when hopefully they'll raise another family.

Above and below, Mrs. Bluebird, who doesn't seem concerned her mate is in
 attack mode all day long! Note her colorization is more subtle than the male bluebird.

So, here is Blue Boy looking in the window as he has for two days.  
This morning he was back, flying at and tapping on the glass so we've
 decided to keep the blinds down and partially closed, hopefully this will
 make him stop as his reflection is now impeded. 

He is a beautiful boy and we don't want him injured. We also noticed he doesn't seem
to be eating as he's so busy 'attacking' himself, and that's worrisome too.

All photos taken with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V - edited in iPhoto and PicMonkey

Hope you enjoy these closeup photos I've managed to take - through the windows
 of course. This episode of bird behavior did at least allow me to gather a lot
 of photos - I'm talking well over a hundred - of this gorgeous garden bird.  

And then of course there is always the lovely thought that this particular bird brings.
 It is known as the proverbial 'bluebird of happiness' and we can always use more that!

FYI - Bob and I are still struggling somewhat with the 'bug from hell' but each day
 we are a little better. Tomorrow I have to see my doctor for a problem with my right
 shoulder which is causing me excruciating pain to the point I'm even finding typing
 very difficult (and just when I got my lovely new MacBook Air - which I'm so
 pleased with).  It has taken me ages to write this post, grrrrrrr!  I'm dreading what
 this pain might be - I need this dominant arm/hand to get back in working mode
 so I can start on the Christmas decorating - which is why you haven't seen any here!!


  1. Oh he really does look ticked off. Yes, I had a cowbird go nuts on me one spring. He very nearly drove me crazy, too. I wrote a humorous little post about it even though I could have thrown a shoe at him. Ha! Oh sounds as if you might have some tendonitis says “Dr.” Vee. Certainly not a good time for it. So glad that otherwise you and Bob are on the mend. I really enjoyed seeing these fabulous photos of the handsome bluebird.

  2. That bluebird is determined! I have had a cardinal that would peck at the mirror on my car. Sending you healing wishes for your shoulder.

  3. Hello dear Mary,
    I'm so sorry your shoulder has been acting up. I hope it heals soon, and that you and Bob continue to get well from that awful bug. What a wretched way to arrive home.
    The bluebird photos are stunning. It's too bad the bird seems to have a problem with his reflection. Hope he soon figures it out.

  4. Hi Mary, My gosh these photos are amazing. Aren't they beautiful birds; the female with such a sweet face.Your captures make me go back to look again. I had two this summer at my feeders and I hoped they would next but the tree swallows fought them off and claimed the houses. I love the swallows, too, but I had never had bluebirds and it was thrilling to see and capture them with my camera. I hope you and Bob are 100% soon as Christmas draws near. It's a terrible time to be sick so sending good thoughts your way. Annie & Wilson are waving. =^..^= =^..^=

  5. What fabulous photos of Mr Blue Bird, Mary. He is a funny fellow, and we sometimes have our blue fairy wrens do the same thing. It sounds like a good idea to stop his behaviour by closing the blinds. I am so sorry you have been so unwell, and that shoulder sounds so painful and unpleasant. Fingers crossed the doctor can help you with it, and you can enjoy your Christmas decorating and holiday season.

  6. Enjoyed your bluebird photos -- they are stunning. Love the close ups. It's too bad the fellow is concerned about his reflection. Hope he sorts it out soon.

    And, I hope your shoulder will start to feel better pronto. It's awful trying to do things when our bodies are out of sorts.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  7. Oh dear Mary, I am so sorry about your shoulder. Hopefully your doctor will be able to help you. This is not a good time to have such terrible pain in your working arm.
    I love your Bluebirds. That first picture is actually comical. No doubt he thinks that he can take you on.

  8. You certainly did get some beautiful shots of that sweet bird. We have tinted windows and I have had birds during Spring come at the back door over and over as they can see their reflection big time since it's like a mirror on the outside looking in. Thankfully no injuries but it is quite distressing when they keep flying at it over and over again.

  9. Hi Mary, I am commenting on 12-10 as we, too, try to recover from 16" of snow. Your bluebird photos are phenomenal. I love bluebirds and have two new bluebird houses ready for next spring which I hope they will use. The bluebirds here perch on the vehicles and bomb the side mirrors. Quite a mess they make.
    I have been absent from your blog for a month as my husband passed away and I am now in recovery mode searching for a new normal. People have been most gracious and I am thankful for their support.
    Farm Gal in SW VA


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