Saturday, December 1, 2018

Thankfully November is over!

 We came down with a really mean spirited upper respiratory infection in Arizona.
Perhaps picked up on the flights west, planes are full of germs!
 First me, and within a couple of days I had shared it with Bob.  We were sick
 and miserable. Sightseeing became a chore rather than enjoyment. 
 Falling into hotel beds at night was somewhat comfortable. . . . . however when
 one is sick it's much better when it's your very own bed in your home - you know
 what I mean.

 For eleven days I have sneezed, coughed, blown, wiped and ached into oblivion.
 For Bob it's been eight similar days and then yesterday, after sneezing and
 perhaps rubbing his eye, he suddenly looked strange with a dark blood filled eye
 socket caused by a hemorrhaged blood vessel!  No treatment, time will
 heal - meanwhile he does look odd, like a leftover from a Halloween party! 
Sorry Bob.
   It's not the 'flu, we had our shots in early October - unless of course it's a
 strain not covered by this year's vaccine. Who knows. . . . . . .

Mission San Xavier del Bac
'White Dove of the Desert'
Tucson, Arizona
A comforting spot in the southwest desert.

I have had a second unexpected sad November death in my UK family,
 along with news of serious health issues for other loved ones.
Today, the arrival of December is embraced and I hope things get better.
I've been away from here a week - unusual for me - but what with travel, death,
illness, family issues, and lack of computer access (we will have our new ones
next week), my blog has been pushed to one side for a while.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm sorry you were ill on at trip. I agree, it is always better to be in one's own bed. My sweet guy suffered though this for over 3 weeks. Take care and hope you are both back 100% soon. Merry, Merry!

    1. Bob thinks this type of infection could possibly start from hotel pillows as they only change the linens not the pillows between customers, yuck!!!!!!

  2. Merry days to you too dear Sarah - and hopefully M is better now. I've had this bug before but usually in Europe - in fact I've always called it 'the d--- European bug'. It always starts with laryngitis one morning and you go downhill quickly after that. Usually does last 2-3 weeks at least.
    Thanks for stopping by - I must get caught up with comments soon.
    Mary x

  3. Sorry to hear about your illnesses and worries about loved ones. Hopefully, December will be a better month for you. Happy 1st Advent Sunday!

  4. Sorry to learn that you have both been feeling really rough Mary but it is good to see you back here again safe and sound.
    I always put these illnesses down to plane flights, but luckily and touch wood, I have remained free of them for several years now following a trip. All the bugs going through the recycled air on a plane must be bad, and if your immune system just happens to be a bit low when travelling, then they grab hold of you and don't let you go.
    For some reason your lovely photos look familiar, I think that it is because they make me think of visits made to Portugal and Spain.

  5. I am so sorry about this illness that overcame you both. What a rotten way to spend a vacation. And I am also sorry that more sad news has come from the UK. Hope that you and Bob are well on the mend. (I do love taking echinacea and/or Airborne at this time of year.) Tucking you folks into my prayers... Get caught up on your rest...

  6. Dear Mary,
    We are so sorry that both of you have been ill on your vacation. I think that you are right...I always blame the air in an airplane when we come home sick from a long flight.
    Your photos are beautiful. I have forgotten what a pretty place Tuscon is. Thanks for the reminder.
    Get well soon.

  7. I am so sorry to hear that you and Bob are feeling bad. Sending healing wishes for both of you. xo

  8. I am so sorry to hear that you and Bob are both sick...sounds miserable! I hope it's not the flu. You're right; the flu vaccine isn't a guarantee you won't get the flu. My heartfelt sympathy on the death in your family and also the news of serious illness. I'm sure you're glad to see December arrive. Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  9. I've noticed your absence from blogging, Mary and assumed you were either still away or your computer woes were continuing. I'm very sorry to read that you've been so ill. I sometimes become ill after a flight, too, and have begun taking alcohol wipes with me to wipe down my tray, arm rests, and anything else I can wipe. Makes me feel better even I am still breathing recycled air.
    Your photos are stunning - the blue sky with those lovely shapes and colours. Feel better soon, dear Mary (and Bob).

  10. So sorry you have both been ill. Being ill is not fun, but especially when traveling. Hope you are 100% back to full health soon. So sorry also for loss. Your pictures are still lovely and after being in the south I am drawn to return. Your pictures just stir that longing.

  11. I'm impressed that you even found the energy or time to take these lovely photos whilst so sick, Mary.

    "...meanwhile he does look odd, like a leftover from a Halloween party!" Awww, poor ol' Bob! Ha, that was a priceless descripton though, must say! Hee. I shouldn't chuckle, I know, but can so picture it.


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