Thursday, March 28, 2019

Life. . . . . . .

 . . . . .whether old or brand new, 
always precious.

My granddaughter, Jasmin (22), was fortunate she survived her
 recent auto accident without serious injury------or worse.
Details have shown us once again that being in the right place but at
 the wrong time - such as she was, just two blocks from home - one 
can be hurt, or even killed, in less than a moment.
There are crazy fools, bad drivers, young and old, who should not be
 on the roads.  

There is absolutely no excuse for driving while impaired
 from alcohol or drugs.

The person who plowed into her on the driver's side, at what must have
 been quite a speed as her car is totaled, was arrested for driving while
 impaired and underage drinking as he's nineteen. Looks like he's
also uninsured and from out of state so getting necessary info
has been difficult.

Sadly the car is gone but Jasmin is with us thank God.

Meanwhile, life begins again in the garden as these spring days warm up and
 the sun brings light. Bob has been pulling up sprouting acorns - this is one
 of thousands now pushing up everywhere and once again we are reminded
 of the old saying. . . . . . . . 
"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow"

Raleigh, known as 'The City of Oaks' just doesn't need anymore, 
especially in my garden!

Hoping you and your loved ones always stay safe.


  1. Again, so happy that Jasmin is okay. Praise God! Praying that her insurance will take good care of her car situation.

    Those oak seedlings are my nemesis as well. It isn't easy pulling them either because of that handy acorn plug that they have. All
    the best ridding your garden of them. I would love it if my neighbor would fell his oak trees. It could certainly be justified as they are badly damaged.

  2. Thank you, Mary, for this update. I'm so glad to know that Jasmine is okay. To drive impaired is utterly irresponsible. I hope the driver has learned a lesson through the accident and through whatever consequences he/she will bear. Events such as this do cause us to think about how precious life is.

  3. Mary, I was so sorry to read that Jasmine had an accident in her car, but glad she is ok. It must have been a really nasty shock for you.

    We are just starting work on the garden. We have a chap who is cutting the grass for us, we are coping with the herbaceous border between us. Since my back pain was diagnosed as osteoporosis I can only do 10 minutes at a time before sitting down until the pain simmers down. I am taking medication for it. I will post some pictures on my blog later.

  4. At the end of the day, a car is just a pile of metal with wheels and a motor, and can always be replaced - but your granddaughter can't! So glad she was not seriously injured, and I very much hope the 19-year-old learned his lesson.

  5. So glad that Jasmin is ok. That had to be so scary!!

  6. I so agree with you, Mary. One moment of lost concentration and lives can be changed irrevocably. Thank God your lovely Jasmine is still with you, never mind the car. My husband used to say 'It's only a piece of tin' on the occasions when I had a bump or a scratch. (several)
    no insurance, under much more irresponsible could he be?

  7. Impaired driving is always so horrifying. Every weekend when my son goes out with his friends, I always always tell him to either Uber home or to stay overnight at his friend's house (if he's at a house and not a bar). I don't care if he's sick and tired of me telling him that every single weekend, but it's just something that absolutely terrifies and worries me. I am so, so glad that your Jasmin is OK - and here with us. xoxo

  8. Oh Mary, so happy that Jasmine is still with you, and survived what sounds like a very serious accident. You description of what happened seems almost identical to the accident we survivied in 2011 - a young driver crossed the centre line and ploughed into our driver's side when my husband was driving. Jasmine must be in shock, it is a terribly distressing experience, poor girl. It does make you contemplate the fragility of life, and no matter what care we take, wrong place/wrong time can still happen. All the best to you all. xx

  9. "The creation of a thousand forests is in a single acorn."

    Blessing your granddaughter is safe.

    My grandmother is the best relationship of my life, it has saved me, made me, sustains me, and I still learn from her and am bathed in her love, which continues to grow. She died when I was 22, in a few days 59. Seems bogus, the lying year, age 59 !! Busier and happier than ever.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  10. Oh I'm glad your Jasmine is okay. It's scary walking out the door these days. I have always had great issue with anyone being allowed to drive under the age of 25. Call me an old fart, but statistics don't lie. I got my license at the age of 31 and I really feel that I had the maturity to take it as a privilege, not a right.


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