Friday, March 29, 2019

Skywatch. . . . . . .

Even during bad times keep looking up. . . . . . and raising your eyes
 upward at this time of year can really fill your heart with beauty and hope.
Hope is what we should strive for in all aspects of life.

I truly appreciate how so many of you have written to me, or
commented here, with concern regarding Jasmin's accident. 
This incident has really caused me stress and anxiety. These are
 the times in life when true friends come through and offer support.
I thank those of you who have done that.

Jasmin had started a new job just three weeks ago and was feeling 
really happy about the changes in her young life. No longer having a car is
 going to be a struggle when the rental from the insurance company runs out.
Sadly, a car of that age has a very low book value despite its low mileage and 
good condition (it used to be mine!), and the insurance payment will in no way
enable her to buy another car in such good shape!
However, although worried, she is doing well and hopefully will have no
 long term physical problems from her injuries.
The outcome of this accident could have been so much worse. 
As we all know, and many of you have mentioned, losing a car is nothing when
 compared to losing a life. As one friend said, "be thankful you provided her 
with a sturdy car (Toyota Camry XLE) which probably saved her life, and
 that the airbags deployed".
Today, we've learned the drunk driver does have insurance - he 
is scheduled to appear in court here in two weeks' time.

Soon o'er their heads blithe April airs shall sing;
A thousand wild flowers round them shall unfold;
The green buds glisten in the dews of spring,
And all be vernal rapture as of old.

..........John Keble ~ 1792-1866

 First fig!

 All photos taken in my garden today.

O, how this spring of love resembleth
The uncertain glory of an April day; 
Which now shows all the beauty of the sun,
And by and by a cloud takes all away.

. . . . . William Shakespeare (Two Gentlemen of Verona) 1564-1616

Another weekend here already - how fast the days pass.
April will have perhaps arrived before I get back here.
Enjoy yourselves and stay safe always.


  1. I have had no internet connection for a whole long week and just now read this about Jasmin's accident. What a scary event. I am sending prayers for a full recovery for her and that her spirit remains upbeat. I see you have a magnolia in your yard, it is a beauty. I planted a red star magnolia a year ago.

  2. I am so sorry to learn about Jasmin, but I am pleased to know that she is now slowly recovering from her ordeal. Something like that really does impact on you all and causes much stress and anxiety - nothing can compare with an upset within the family.
    Take care dear Mary, and sending love to Jasmin.

    1. Many thanks for caring dear Rosemary - it has been a stressful week and now we have to assist in her search for a replacement vehicle.
      As long as she has no permanent bodily damage to herself we'll be grateful - can always get another car!

  3. Oh my goodness, such sad news for Jasmin. May God give her strength to face this tragedy and for her to make a good recovery everyday. Sending prayers for her.
    Your magnolia tree is just gorgeous ! Mother nature is a beauty and a feast for our eyes.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. You are very kind dear Fabby, thank you for wishing our sweet granddaughter well. We are somewhat concerned for her neck and subsequent headaches, but hoping this is temporary - she will return to the doctor to be certain it's nothing serious.

      My little magnolia IS growing well - was just a tiny 18" potted plant when purchased several years ago - now it's about 14 feet tall! Thank to you wonderful Mother Nature X

  4. May every last thing that Jasmin needs be supplied. Praying to that end. This photography makes me beautiful.

    1. I wish I was closer to see your smile dear Vee - sending you sunshiney days for the weekend!

  5. Would the other driver's insurance help pay for a new car? Your photos are so pretty Mary. xo

    1. Yes, now they've located his carrier the claim should be paid by them - only thing is with a car that old - 2002 - even though very low mileage and great condition, there's no way she'll be offered much for it . . . . . .and have you looked at the price of cars these days? Even a good, safe used car is very expensive! Looks like the grandparents may have to be the bank again!!!!!

      Glad you like the photos - the garden is really lovely right now - we spent several hours working in the back yesterday (very warm) pruning the privets damaged in the pre-Xmas snow/ice storm. Bob also mowed again and our grass is awesome, thick and green.
      The birds are busy and very loud in the mornings - perhaps because I'm able to sleep with a window open now!

      Enjoy your weekend dear friends.
      - Mary OX

  6. Love the quotes, the garden pictures, but most of all that Jazmin will recover and hopefully get enough of a settlement to get a descent car.


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