Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wake up, it's almost gardening time!

Yesterday, in warm sunshine, I spent some enjoyable time at my favorite
Raleigh garden center. 
Located in a former small railway station on the outskirts of downtown
 it never ceases to disappoint.  In fact I was almost overwhelmed at all
 that was displayed this early in the year, a veritable feast for both the
 eyes and the senses!

Employees were scurrying around unloading plants and setting them out.
Handsome garden furniture was being unwrapped ready for seating displays,
and the little café was humming with late lunch customers, some dining outside
on a perfect day - as long as you remembered a sweater or jacket!

There were a few of these gentle reminder signs (above), especially around the
 vegetables and hanging ferns. I'll buy mine later as it's not really spring yet . . . 
. . . in fact we may get more freezing nights in the coming week.

Shelves were neatly stocked with interesting and useful garden items, 
all so clean and shiny.

Garden centers aways attract birds of course and this Mockingbird was happily
 singing one of the many songs in his repertoire. . . . . . .between berry nibbling
 in a huge holly tree.

It was hard not to load up a wagon with beautiful plants, pots and such.
  I will do that another day!
Purchased fertilizer for my shrubs and soil acidifier to keep my hydrangeas blue,
several packets of seeds, basil, parsley, morning glories, alyssum, and those 
gorgeous sky-high sunflowers which hopefully will brighten up the garden come
summer, and then feed the birds and naughty squirrels!

Also bought a new 'welcome flag' to hang at the front entrance, it's pretty and
 perfect, I'll share later after I take down the green shamrock flag hanging now
 for St. Patrick's Day.
We then stopped at Home Depot and purchased a new patio umbrella to replace
 the one destroyed by the heavy snow/ice storm just prior to last Christmas.

Bob is heading into the garden right now to do the first cut of the front lawn 
with his recently serviced mower. He's actually smiling knowing it will be his
 exercise for today! The grass is very thick and green and needs attention
 before tomorrow's possible storms. The sun is out and temperature
 should hit a high of 74F this afternoon, perfect!

Anyway, just sharing these colorful glimpses from my area - those of you still
shoveling snow need some reminders perhaps that spring is definitely 
going to head your way soon. I hear the mower running, all is well in our 
little patch on the planet.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. How beautiful - and I love the sign that says "bring me in on cold nights"!
    I hope there won't be any seriously threatening storms in your area.

  2. One of my favorite things to do early spring is head to my favorite garden center. I will probably do that the end of this month. It is overcast here with the temperature about 57 this afternoon. Funny what a few hours drive away can have such different weather!

  3. Dear Mary - what a lovely garden centre, I could very happily spend time there. So many things to choose from, but I think that you were wise to heed caution, and choose your plants once the Spring has well and truly arrived.

  4. lawnmowers and garden centers, not to mention 74°...I guess things are looking good in your corner...

  5. That reminds me I haven't any hyacinths here in this garden - must get some. We don't have mocking birds...I didn't know that's what they looked like.

  6. Hello Mary,
    That's such a pleasant looking garden centre, full of plants AND lots of inspiration! I'm glad it's warming up for you; we're all on the march towards spring!

  7. I love visiting garden centers and plant sales this time of year. Oh I have a bit of spring fever and your post just is encouraging me. Tomorrow I will be at a plant sale. Wondering if I will bring something home or just enjoy the view.

  8. It’s lovely to see what’s on offer at your your garden center Mary!
    The Spring bulbs and plants are much the same as here, but I imagine you have a bigger selection of garden decoration than we do downunder.
    I haven’t seen a Mason bee house before. In fact I’m always on the lookout for another bird house!
    I love stone and terracotta pots - all very pricey here as most come from Italy I suppose.
    I’ll be visiting my local GC in a couple of weeks so I must remember to take photos, then you will see what I mean!
    Don’t work too hard spreading the compost and fertiliser Mary and Bob!
    Shane xx


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