Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Patrick's Day, cityscape, and the daffodil trail. . . . . . .

Yesterday, Saturday. . . . . . . . . up early and off downtown for the annual
Raleigh St. Patrick's Day Parade. 
Fun for an hour or so then the chilly breeze encouraged us to get moving. 
We headed up to the former Dorothea Dix Hospital grounds where I once
 worked, now a park overlooking the the city skyline, to view this year's hello to
This planting of 50,000 daffodils was done by a piece of machinery which digs,
 plants the bulbs, covers and tamps the soil back - I could use one of those!
The winding trail is really breathtaking. The golden blooms dance in the
 brisk breeze . . . . . . perhaps not quite William Wordsworth's view along the shore
 of Ullswater in 1802 as he walked with his sister, but certainly brings his poem
'I wandered lonely as a Cloud' to mind.

A fine day to walk and watch a parade. . . . . . . . . here are some glimpses of the
 morning when everyone suddenly becomes Irish.
Many special people to thank - musicians, dancers, bands, many whom traveled
 some distance to bring us great music (especially the All American Band
 of the 82nd Airborne from Fort Bragg, NC). After all, what's parade without bands.
The dogs were amazing, so many breeds trotting along the parade route, including
 the huge, calm and dignified  Irish Wolfhounds. . . . . . . .along with so many fun
 people of all ages who turned out for this lovely morning.

Erin go Bragh - and a happy day to you all.


  1. What a beautiful daffodil path! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and Bob. xo

  2. Delightful place with all those springy daffodils blooming. Is Bob a Red Sox fan? 🧢

    1. Yes Vee, a huge Rex Sox fan since a little boy in NH. Went to Opening Day at Fenway at least 14 consecutive years!!!!

  3. What a lovely day for the parade. The daffodils are looking gorgeous too.

  4. The daffofils are beautiful. We have a similar thing here, thousands of bulbs given to the city by a local grower. They line the bypass out of town and look amazing.

  5. What fun to have a St Patrick's parade in Raleigh - and a field of daffodils as well! I enjoyed seeing your pics of the parade and can imagine the bands playing all the Irish tunes I know from childhood. Lovely photos of you both, looking good with the daffodils.

  6. The Dorothea Dix field of daffodils is a breathtaking sight!
    Your Saint Patrick’s Day parade looked like fun, with the dancers and sweet Irish Colleens, the hats and even the beautiful Irish Wolfhounds!
    Sadly, our Saint Patrick’s parades were all cancelled because of the horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch on Friday where 50 Muslim Kiwis were murdered. 🙏🏻 Our whole country is in shock.

    1. Our prayers are with NZ - it is so terrible that so many innocent people have gone. Your beautiful country has been such a peaceful, safe place, somewhere many of us would love to live. These are the things we question, these are the happenings that break our hearts.
      So very sorry Shane X

  7. The parade looks like great fun! In my town, of course the only place where one can have a bit of St. Patrick's Day is the Irish pub... but it is too noisy and rowdy in there for me on that occasion, I prefer going there for quiz nights or to celebrate my own birthday (like I did last year).
    Of course I LOVE the daffodil trail!

  8. Oh Mary, what a SIGHT! We saw daffodils this weekend, but at the hot house of a local garden center! Very lovely is your path. And thank you kindly for visiting my blog!

  9. The swirling trail of daffodils looks even better than a field of them . Such a sight.
    Kumara are indeed sweet potatoes. We can get ( or grow ) them in three different colours. They are lovely mashed on their own or mixed with potatoes into a mash.

  10. The daffodil trail is stunning!!! I would want to put my fairy wings on and dance along with the daffodils.


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