Saturday, March 23, 2019

The English Primrose. . . . . . . .

Being English 'born and bred' as they used to say - maybe some still do - I'm a 
wild primrose gal. 
When the primroses bloomed we knew it would soon be goodbye to winter.
Later, perhaps a memoir will be in order describing how we children gathered 
these lovely spring flowers from the rolling Devon hillsides - yes I definitely
look forward to writing that one.

My lovely, and very special friend Mary Ann, called Wednesday to say she was
 on her way, and bringing a little something! 
Within twenty minutes she was walking across the lawn carrying this beautiful
 spring display in a perfect for me pot. . . . . . . and I was just thrilled to bits. 
It's so beautiful and brings spring into the cottage. Planted with delicate ferns and 
yes, a perfect yellow primrose, it immediately made me somewhat homesick for
 an English spring!
Thank you again dear Mary Ann for planting up such loveliness - you always know
 how to pick the perfect gift for me and I'm so glad we are friends.


  1. What a lovely arrangement! You have a very sweet friend. I spy a mosaic tray :-)

    1. Of course, and guess who created that beauty, haha!
      All my friends are so special - but only one made the tray - and it will remind me of you always Penny. Do you miss doing the mosaics?

    2. Yes, some times I do miss it. I am going to try my hand at painting soon.

  2. How lovely....If I find a primrose, I am going to bring it home. I miss them even though I am not an English girl through and through like you! Oh I will look forward to your writing about gathering primroses.

  3. I love seeing the primroses bloom in my garden. One of the first flowers! What a sweet friend who knows you well.

  4. I have a similar pot Mary and love it. It was a birthday gift some time ago.
    I was at our garden centre on Saturday and looking for Ptimroses but I couldn’t find them.
    I will check out another later in the week!
    Oops silly me, of course they won’t be available until August/Sept which is our Spring!
    Shane xxx

  5. Oh yes write a memoir about Devon when you were very young, that's a lovely idea! The primroses came out here just after christmas and the daffodils in January. It's lovely seeing everything springing back to life. Have a lovely week! x

  6. What a breathtaking gift. So very thoughtful! Each winter when the primrose show up at the market I buy just one or two to enjoy indoors for awhile and then plant them in one spot in the garden. Yesterday as I walked in the garden I am amazed at their beauty, they were in full bloom.


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