Wednesday, January 22, 2020

At the table, and planning a makeover -

I know what you're thinking. . . . . . . she's gone nuts with the bread baking!
I definitely am enjoying my long forgotten joy at actually taking a loaf of
crusty golden bread from my very own oven, however this post is really to
 share my idea about tablecloths, so keep reading please.

These loaves are not sourdough, just the quick and easy no-knead white boules, 
but they are so good. Have sliced and frozen most of these two for morning toast 
or grilled cheese sandwiches later.

Big news is that my sourdough starter is now ready! In fact, during the night it
 bubbled and grew so much it overflowed it's glass container - which luckily I'd
 stood in large bowl just in case - when I noticed it really going to town last
 evening around 11:00 pm.
Just amazing what flour and water can accomplish!

This evening I'll be making my first real sourdough loaf. It will do its bulk rise
over night (8-10 hours). Tomorrow morning I'll coax the dough onto a lightly
 floured board for folding, let it rest about an hour for a second rise, then bake.
Fingers will be crossed.

So, on to the tablecloths as promised.
Notice my indigo blue one here. I've wanted a raw-edged linen cloth to layer
with the French antique linens I often use on the rectangular farm table.
After pricing them and finding them very expensive, I decided to 'make' my own.
I bought a twin sized linen sheet (Garnet Hill), large enough for a good drop
 so that it's visible under the other cloths. . . . .  .and literally ripped off all four
 stitched edges. Dropped it into the washing machine, then pulled off 
all the loose, somewhat tangled threads it ended up with. Dried in dryer,
no ironing required if you're looking for that rustic/country look.

Can work for a round table such as this one also.

I'm excited today as I've also started on a new project which will keep me busy
over the next couple of months. Our master bedroom - which is downstairs and
 will most likely be a godsend in these so-called golden years - needs a total 
makeover from floor to ceiling.  Yesterday I squeezed in a painter visit for an 
estimate, spent several hours looking at paint colors (but still have to make a
 decision and go buy samples to slap on the wall!). . . . and we furniture shopped. 
More on this makeover as it progresses.

Anyone else working on a winter house project?
Good time of year to get started, especially as decluttering can be done
 at the same time and, let's face it, staying indoors requires more creative
moments than just knitting whilst TV binge watching, and eating comfort foods!
It will also mean one less room to 'spring clean' as that part is built into
a room makeover. Yes, there's method in my madness!


  1. That sounds lovely! The bread looks delish. :) I'm excited to see your bedroom makeover! Oh how much I wish I was near by to treasure hunt with you, talk about decor projects, etc... xx

    1. Yes, it would be great to have you back Vanessa!
      Can you perhaps consider blogging again - that way you can share your creative life in California! I know it's a lot different from here.

  2. Ps. Love the tablecloth idea! I'll have to copy cat that. :)

  3. Ha ha, method in your madness, I like that!
    Tablecloths can make such a difference, can't they; I have a few but very rarely use them. My Mum has a wonderful collection of hand-stitched ones, some from my Grandma, some made by her.
    No house projects for me this year - last year's bathroom renovation was enough upheaval (and money) to last me a few years. But I am very much looking forward to seeing more of your bedroom makeover.

  4. The bread looks lovely. I really like the frayed edge tablecloth you created!

  5. I do like your tablecloth and you've just given me an idea. Love making bread whenever I have some time.

  6. Your loaves of bread look terrific!

  7. What a great tablecloth idea. I love using tablecloths every day and have a small stack of smaller ones for the kitchen table. This torn linen idea would be very easy to do and looks lovely. How exciting to be planning a bedroom makeover! Nothing like that happening here just now.

  8. Great idea for a tablecloth!

    Can't wait to see/hear how your sourdough bread turns out.

    We have so many home projects that need doing. I was going to contact a contractor to start on a couple of things in the kitchen, but we're leaving in 6-1/2 weeks for CA, so I don't want to be starting any work in the next month while I'm getting ready to go on a trip. I wouldn't be able to handle all that chaos at once. It'll have to wait until we get back.

  9. Dear Mary, OK, I give up. I will go back to baking the No Knead Bread. It will be interesting to hear how the sour dough starter bread compares.
    Deluttering is such a good idea at any time in the year. I will take a page out of your book.

  10. Hi Mary :)) No winter projects here since we'll be moving in a few months. Your bread looks SO DAMN GOOD lol...congrats on the sourdough starter! I hope your loaves turn out amazing!

  11. Yummmmm, I can smell the freshly baked bread all the way to Georgia!!! I LOVE that you are still blogging and it encourages me to do the same! Thank you so very much for visiting my blog...I think it's time for me to prepare a new blog list for those who visit me...and the troopers that keep on keeping on!!! I'll be back angel! xoxo, Dawn


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