Thursday, January 16, 2020

January days at home. . . . . . . .

I baked this loaf of 'no-knead bread' this week.
The recipe is known and enjoyed by many - so many versions of it are
 available on the Internet - I use Jenny Jones because she's so much fun to 
watch on her video. It turned out well and gave me that sense of enjoyment
 possible from a simple, basic, homey food made in one's own kitchen
 on a dreary day.

Yesterday I decided to also get going on my 'sourdough starter'
in hopes I can make a loaf of real sourdough bread soon.

The amaryllis tale continues here in the dining room.
The first four blooms on the initial stem are almost over, in fact two have been
nipped off, the remaining two now fading also. However, the second stem is now 
showing three new buds - a total of seven delightful flowers from one bulb.
Meanwhile the second bulb is in full bloom with four perfect flowers. . . . . . . I feel 
like I'm in a garden. 

Winter beauty.


  1. Dear Mary,
    What better way to spend a stormy winter day! My Amaryllis does not look nearly as promising. Did you add any ingredients to your bread other than flour, salt, yeast and water? Your bread looks great.

    1. Thanks Gina - yes, just bread flour, yeast, salt and water! Amazing and it made wonderful toast and marmalade for breakfast today!
      Mary x

  2. Bread and a garden...sounds lovely for January days. Heavy snow falling here. Perhaps I should do some baking as well. Nope. Better stick to cleaning.

  3. A winter day is the perfect day to make bread! I made a coffee cake the other day.

  4. Hi Mary :)) So nice to have that winter beauty indoors! Oh the bread...I baked a loaf yesterday, the fragrance is so delicious! I made a sourdough once and it was good, but I do prefer the no-knead bread! I hope you had it with a lot of melty cheese! ;)

  5. The amaryllis is beautiful (and the bread looks tasty)

  6. Your Amaryllis has surpassed itself, Mary, so lovely.

  7. Oh, Mary, I wish you'd throw a slice of bread my way! I could catch it... (grin)

  8. Your bread looks delicious and perfect - look at those pretty air holes! Unfortunately, I have to cut way back on bread - it makes me very bloated.

  9. Now I want to make bread, too - but I don't have time this weekend, as I'm travelling to O.K.'s right after work this afternoon.
    The amaryllis lights up the entire room!

  10. Bread and flowers- perfect for a cold winter's day!

  11. Fresh baked bread and flowers, what's not to like. I love them both.


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