Tuesday, January 28, 2020

January Garden Visitors -

The usual suspects, grey squirrels, are rampant in the garden again. 
Perhaps the mild daytime weather is bringing them out of their nests in the
 back garden treetops. 
They search on the grass for acorns - some they probably buried themselves
 in autumn - and scuffle around under the bird feeders for dropped seed. 
We have stopped throwing out bits of bread and such because we feel if 
 unwanted nighttime visitors, opossums, raccoons, foxes, deer, and the
 neighborhood coyote stop by, we shouldn't encourage them to return.

They are quite cute and, despite their naughty pranks at the feeders, 
we would miss them if they stopped their visits to our garden.

Trees are totally devoid of leaves now other than a glimpse of a green pine here and there. 
Blue skies, even with a few puffy clouds tossed in, bring smiles and thanks in
 January. . . . . . . . . which can be such a dreary month.

Update on the keyboard problems on my 2018 MacBook Air.

The Apple Genius Bar cleaned under the laptop's keys which appears
 to have helped, and I brought it home the same day. 
They tested and completed the work whilst I waited - a total of about 20 minutes. 
If it continues I can return and they will go ahead and replace with another
 keyboard which could take up to three days. Because this is a known problem
due to the 'butterfly' style keyboard installed on all MacBooks since 2015, 
Apple does not charge anything for the cleaning or replacement if necessary.
Life is much better when the computer works!


  1. Your last sentence is so true! And wouldn't it be good if all computer problems would be solved as easily as with a bit of cleaning? ;-)
    I don't know why, but apparently, we are not supposed to feed scraps of bread to any wildlife, be it birds, deer or other. I seem to remember having read that something in the bread can make them ill. But as I said, I am not sure about it, and I can not imagine that a few bits here and there can do much harm - similar to when we humans have some chocolate; as long as we don't overdo it, we'll be ok.

  2. Dear Mary - I sympathise as I have been travelling up and down to the Apple Genius Bar for what feels like the whole of January with two computers!! We have to go down to Bristol and carrying two full size computers through the shopping mail has been a challenge for both of us. We have also got ourselves a new wifi hub which we have had to install ourselves, this techno world is getting far too complicated - once this computer has had its day, that will be it for me.
    Glad you are sorted - I think that I am now in control of this new one, or though the odd problem does keep on cropping up, but fortunately I have managed to sort them out - touch wood.
    Grey squirrels are so naughty, but entertaining.

  3. Naughty little things! They hang on our bird feeders too.

  4. They sure do look sweet, those squirrels. I am not a fan, however, and would be very pleased if they weren’t crawling all over everything. Freaks me out! 😳

    Yes, life is better when the computer is working, also the car, the commode, and the washing machine. 😉

  5. When I saw your previous title about the Genius Bar it made me remember that I need to make such an appointment myself, and have needed to for over a year! It's encouraging that your visit was short... I really, obviously, drag my feet about going to that store.

    The blue sky! It seems to lift the mood no matter how briefly it appears; I'm cheered even by seeing it in your digital photo!

  6. Oh yes, life is better for sure with a working computer. Hope the cleaning did the trick.

  7. Yes, life these days is much easier when the technology works as it should. I'm glad you are getting yours all in order. Squirrels are fun to watch in the garden. We have one that sits on the deck rail and eyes the bird feeder with longing, but hasn't attempted a jump yet, because he knows it's too far away. How lovely to see blue sky. I'm appreciating the short glimpses we get once in awhile. Have a lovely rest of the week, Mary.

  8. The little grey squirrels are so cute, and what lovely photos you caught. Your trees may be bare, but they look very attractive against the gorgeous blue skies. Happy January! PS Glad you had the computer fixed so easily xo

  9. Pictures are beautiful. Thank you.

  10. Dear Mary, I am so happy to see your cute little friends again. Looking forward to more of your excellent bird photos.


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