Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Going dotty!

This post is a mixed bag of odds · and · ends!

After the Apple store visit regarding my MacBook keyboard problems, 
we swanned around the always bright and beautiful mall for a while. . . a 
little indoor exercise, and supposedly window shopping!
Although we're less than 10 minutes drive away we haven't spent time there lately.  
Much had changed, including many new stores and restaurants we'd never heard of.

H&M - love it or hate it?
I actually love looking here as the fashions are current. Yes I know
they're geared perhaps toward the younger generations - with a certain 
'street style' more than pandering to the country club set, which I am not
and never have been by any means! But they do it right, are affordable,
fun. . . . . .and I've never had a problem with their garments falling apart
 or shrinking in the washing machine.

The above window is dressed in what must be the current style
and includes polka dots, lots of different sized black and white ones.
I actually like polka dots, always have, but might have to stay with smaller,
less conspicuous ones at this age!

This is me. Well not really me, it's a mannequin of course!
She's wearing a garment I thought might be fun to wear casually on the cool, 
not really cold, days we are currently having around here. Some sweatshirts
 are too thick and bulky, this one is light and very soft on the inside, perfect
 length and has longer sleeves which I need.
 It's a rich cream, not white, the appliqué is beautiful black. . . . . .and I
 really would love to be back 'in Paris' right now, or any time in the future.
In fact Bob just read my mind as he called out "would you like to go
back to Paris some day" - and he hasn't even read this post yet.
We know each other far too well and often think alike!

So window shopping turned into real shopping. I bought it and am going to
 love it. . . . . . .except for those weird gold-toned faux metal (plastic!) buttons. 
I'm changing them to lovely plain black buttons as I wear mostly silver
 earrings - yellowish 'gold' buttons won't work that close to my ears!

On a recent evening I removed the last of the amaryllis pots from the dining room table. 
They brought so much joy to this room over the holiday season, and longer.
I'll be on the lookout for a new plant soon - meanwhile will keep the amaryllis
bulbs in their pots in the house where it's warm, later moving to the potting shed
 in hopes they'll re-bloom later this year.

Here's an excellent video about amaryllis care and re-bloom
if you have some you would like to try keeping.

Whilst searching for paint colors for the bedroom refresh, I found that
 papering walls seems to be very popular again. Included are amazing
 wallpaper murals, some at extraordinary high prices I must add.

Above is the more classic oil painting look which appears to be in a kitchen -
I love that somewhat unconventional look but have no kitchen wall that big.

Above is a more casual stenciled mural on a printed concrete-look
 background - I like the herringbone old wood floor with this look.


What about this beauty!  This is quite a show stopping wall. One of many 
available, however if you have photos of your own flowers, or anything else
 your camera has caught during your travels. . . . . .or even in your garden,
this company can make it into a mural.
The only wallpapered room I have now is my kitchen.
I do have textured wallpaper below the chair rail in the dining room but
 it's painted over in the same rich cream color as the rest of the walls so 
is subtle and I like it that way.

What are your feelings about wallpaper?
Do you have any papered walls?


  1. I've never been in an H&M store ~ haven't been to a mall in many years. I avoid them unless absolutely necessary. I think they might become a thing of the past though, which is kind of sad. I have fond memories of hanging out at the mall when I was a teen. Several malls have closed down here already. Those wallpaper murals are beautiful though I'm not a wallpaper fan due to the work involved (putting it up and taking it down). We're not DIYers so we'd have to hire someone to do it. And I get tired of the same decor after a few years, so wallpaper wouldn't be a good choice for me. That last photo with the huge red flowers is stunning!

  2. I love wall paper in small doses. I love to put a fun wallpaper in a powder room.

  3. Love that sweatshirt and I would change the buttons too. That was the first thing I noticed.
    I was going to say no wall paper in my house, but our bedroom has wall paper we have painted over. It is textured tulips, so just the texture shows. I kind of like it. Oh how I remember many years ago stripping wall paper from walls; so not sure I would be ready to put wall paper back. There use to be a chocolate shop in town that had a huge mural of gigantic orange flowers and an orange couch sitting in front for picture taking. I loved it so much. What a fun post, it gets me thinking.

  4. Love the sweatshirt! I'm sure the black buttons will look great! xx

  5. No wallpaper in our house but more people bare starting to use it. That red one is quite stunning but I know I'd never be brave enough to put it on my wall.

  6. I love wallpaper but haven't used it for walls. When we were doing a light renovation of our apartment, we considered papering over the cracked finish of our bedroom ceiling and spent a very, very long time looking at the amazing possibilities available now. There is just too much to chose from! I did use two trompe l'oeil wallpaper panels on cupboard doors and adore the result.

  7. I like to window shop but find things are never in my size!!!

  8. I almost always find something I like at H&M, and like you, have no problems with washing their garments, and some of them have been in my wardrobe for ten or more years.
    You know my wallpapers - the same pattern but two different colours, one wall each in my bedroom and living room, complimented by the other three walls painted just one colour.

  9. I pop by H&M from time to time too, and for much the same reasons. I like to see the current trends, and how they put things together, often using the ideas with items already in my closet. My occasional purchases have been quite good value, and wear well. Your sweater is very appealing, and I would have gone for it too! We have no wallpaper in our current home, but did have limited amounts in our two previous houses which we built ourselves. The oil painting one appeals to me a lot, in the right situation. Now, I wonder where it could go in this place?? xx

  10. Hi Mary, I like covering my walls with fabric. Your upholsterer will seam the fabric together for large walls. And when you get tired of it you can easily remove the fabric (it is stapled on, not glued).

  11. I don't go to the mall but i do see the h& M things online and I love this one! I would love to be in Paris right now! As for a mural, I think it is a beautiful look but like you I am not sure I have a wall big enough for one I like.


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