Friday, January 31, 2020

Paint Pots -

Guess what I'm planning to do this weekend.  
It involves playing with paint. 
I've bought my sample pots and my squares of poster board - so I'm
 all set in my search for the perfect color for the bedroom walls.

Enjoy your weekend. 
We have more warm weather forecast so I hope to get outside
 to walk and celebrate a new month. January certainly flew by fast.


  1. Good luck hope you find exactly the right color.

  2. A beautiful set of pastels, Mary. Don't forget to take 'before' pictures for us to compare!
    It is rather warm here this weekend, too, but wet; we will try and get the allotment in shape as it has to go, my parents simply can not work it anymore.

  3. All those colors look so pretty together. Have fun. Happy February!

  4. Dear Mary,
    I see a color I like. Seashell.

  5. How fun! I love picking out paint colors. We had almost 3 inches of snow yesterday!

  6. I love all of those soft muted colours Mary, but particularly like that 'gentle green' shade.

  7. Are those all the colors you're considering? I can't wait to see which one you pick! And I hope you're going to do before and after photos!

    1. Good grief no Melanie! I'm only sampling three shades - that's hard enough!

  8. Choosing paint is both fun and nerve-wracking. But I tell myself that I can always change it later. However, Tim is not impressed with that logic! I'm sure you'll choose just the right shade.

  9. Some of those are very restful colours indeed - a symphony for the eyes. I look forward to seeing the final choice.

  10. What gorgeous shades of paint. Enjoy!


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