Monday, January 27, 2020

Off to the Genius Bar -

Starting this week with an appointment at the Apple store in the mall.
This MacBook Air, purchased at the end of 2018, is apparently one of
thousands which has developed a keyboard problem!
Typing and constantly having to correct repeating/missing letters has
 become crazy over the past couple of weeks - I even had my nails cut
shorter thinking it was my fault!  Doing some research I discovered
I'm not alone with this problem. Last night I made a Genius Bar 
appointment for noon. I'm hoping for a quick turn around and that my
computer will come home cleaned, fixed and perfect once again.

Fortunately I still have my old 2011 MacBook Air so can use that if necessary!
More later.


  1. Good luck at the Genius Bar. Computer issues are always so frustrating.

  2. Hope your problem gets resolved. Technology can be a pain sometimes, but what would we do without it?

  3. Oh, Mary. Computers can be so annoying when they want to be. Hope your problem is solved very soon.

  4. I hope that the computer gets straightened around. Nothing more frustrating than having a computer not working well. I may have developed a shorter frustration level as I am having trouble with both laptop and devices. 🤨 I spent all day yesterday cleaning up files and moving photos to the exterior hard drive. It is behaving a little better today...not so sluggish.

  5. Naughty computer! I hope they have it sorted, and soon! Last week I finally moved on to a new computer, and Windows 10. I know, I am a Neanderthal :) x


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