Sunday, January 19, 2020

'Rusty' knits - and dogs!

This winter I changed up my wardrobe a bit to include shades of RUST.
Still wear a lot of grey and of course black, however thought the golden browns
 fit in well and brought color and warmth - although still neutral/natural - to what 
was becoming my somewhat dreary 'twenty shades of grey' closet. 
I'd also bought the lovely taupe wrap coat whilst in ZARA in London, and the
 camel coat at H&M, so adding warmer colored sweaters seemed the way to go

This rust color, more dressy cowl neck, I wore to dinner on board the ship as we
 headed to the Western Sahara desert in October - it was a bit more dressy and
 worked well for evenings with a black trouser or silky printed skirt. I pinned on a
 favorite brooch rather than dangling necklaces. . . . . . 

The neutrals - classic naturals.

. . . . . . . and then there's this gorgeous chunky sweater - found this week in the
 clearance sale at Target for just $17!  Of course I didn't go there looking for 
clothes but this was on a mannequin with black pants and caught my eye!  
It ticked all the boxes - rusty gold, loose crew neck and longer length, with
 very long sleeves to roll up or cover the wrists on cold days, and with just a little
 shaping knitted in to make it non-baggy looking. It's extremely light and feels
 awesome on - don't think it will itch - and goes with my reddish hair!  
Anyway it was tossed into the cart along with the items I was really there to buy!

Have you read this book?  If you enjoy classical music as I do, you will find
 this is a wonderful true story written by Korean violinist Min Kym. 
I grabbed this at the Dollar Tree store and must say it's been a great read.

While talking about the color rust I have to share my hairstylist Suzi's
'babies' (she's given me permission to post their picture). 
Roxy the miniature Schnauzer and Lucy the Goldendoodle were at the
 salon on my recent visit - so well behaved and of course adorable.
They posed for me. . . . . . and made me wish I had a doggie of my own!

Hope your weekend is fun, as ours has been so far.

Dogs were also in the spotlight for us last evening when we
 spent a couple of hours at our local theatre watching the 
English play, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.
It also included a handsome 'rusty' Golden Retriever named 
Sandy - much admired for his acting skills during his brief appearance.  

BTW - I'm actually a cat person, my favorite being rusty colored
'marmalade' kitties, although I've never had one that color of my own!


  1. Beautiful Winter looks. I love cold weather clothes.
    I love Magnolia trees and their scent is unique. That's why I fell in love with this Magnolia china while I was in Madrid visiting my daughter.
    Have a great week ahead.

  2. You have such a stylish air about you, Mary and I know your choices will fit well into your wardrobe. Those warmer colours don't work so well with my colouring, but I'm looking for more burgundies to add colour to my usual blacks and greys. It's at this time of year, particularly, that I crave freshness.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. The rust is a lovely color for winter, especially since it's something different than gray and black. I'm afraid this color (rust) looks terrible on me though. I have strawberry blonde hair and pale very pinkish skin. I also can't wear yellow or orange. Red isn't that good on me either. So yes, I do wear a lot of black and gray in the winter, but I also wear maroon and olive green.

    I'm surprised that if you're a cat person, that you've never had one of your own. Is it because you travel so much? Like you, even though I love all animals, I'm a cat person. I've actually never been without a cat since I was a little girl. (I grew up with dogs, too.)

    Hope you had a good weekend! We had a winter storm this weekend and now it's bitter cold.

    1. I should clarify that Melanie - I have had cats but never a ginger or 'marmalade' version!!!! Last kitty was a sweetie - a big, beautiful Maine Coon whom we loved for 21 years! We didn't get another after her as yes, traveling makes it hard to keep a pet.

  4. Mary, I'm a sweater girl, and all of these shown are ones I'd easily wear. Love the color rust! Those pups are adorable!

  5. Your choice of "rusty" jumpers etc. looks beautiful and cosy, just right for this time of year even though the golden browns are more a reminder of autumn than of spring.
    Like you, I am more a cat person, but I also like dogs - especially if they are well trained and know how to behave around humans :-)

  6. Dear Mary, You look great in black and grey. However, I can see why you would want to add a little color to your wardrobe. Your choice of rust color was a brilliant idea. The cowl sweater is a true winner.

  7. I always adore your choices in color and clothes. You make me want to go shopping. I realized recently that we have Zara's in Portland now, but I will wait awhile. H&M is an occasional stop after you introduced me to them. Normally I am not a shopper, but I do love browsing there. Sweet dogs and they are tempting indeed, but I will stick with my "marmalade" kittie.


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