Sunday, March 29, 2020

Let's hear a colorful cheer for Springtime. . . .

. . . . . . it can't be all doom and gloom!

We can't actually go shopping in the stores, however we can order online if it's 
our thing. . . . . . or we can perhaps shop our closets and storage boxes (my out of 
season things are in those under the bed), which I'm going to do today when once
 again the temperature will be in the high 80's! 
Phew, much too hot for March!
So, although the spring dresses are pretty, I don't have any! Instead I'm delving into
 my storage box today for a pair of lightweight grey linen trousers and a short sleeved 
white t-shirt.
 Today I'm not planning on wearing anything heavy, fuzzy, cozy or black!

I may wear pretty earrings though - I love these from ZARA.

Lifestyle changes are imminent here
We're beginning to feel uncomfortably pudgy as we head into
our third week at home.

Our usual mealtimes - around 10:30 AM for breakfast, no lunch, then the heavy
 main meal around 6:30 PM - are going to change. 
We'll now try an earlier breakfast and our main meal at 5 PM with no snacking at all! 
 More walking of course - more gardening - more cottage decluttering!

Are you finding good sleep hard and waking in the night? I've never had 
that problem before and it's awful.
Now I toss and turn, get up, walk around, read a few pages, even went to the
 kitchen and made warm milk one night (considered splashing in some 
brandy but didn't!).  Waiting for the grandfather clock to strike the hour is not
fun, especially when it's 3 or 4 in the morning!

Are you sleeping less? Eating more? Getting exercise in your garden
 or aimlessly walking mostly empty neighborhood streets?

Are there things you regret not having done before lockdown?
I wish now I'd had my sewing machine repaired - started growing out my 
grey hair a few months ago then I'd be halfway there - had my nail gal
cut my gel nails very short two weeks ago - bought garden plants and 
potting soil last week. 
I wish I was younger and could be of more help to others - but I'm 
glad I'm older in case the world changes so much that I would find it 
really hard to cope. Oops, I said no gloom and doom today. . . . . .so 
I think I'll stop here.

Sending good thoughts to you all. . . . . . . stay safe and keep blogging.

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  1. Thank you for the pretty pics and the good wishes. Sometimes I wake in the night...not fun. For me, it works best not to turn on lights or devices. I heard a comic say that it was unlikely that the virus would get him, but the fork probably would. Yup. Gaining weight and not getting enough exercise. I’ll have to follow your good example.

  2. I find that I'm barely exercising and have lost a bit of my appetite. Feeling tired of doom and gloom and doing my best to stay po but it's not easy. And nobody knows what it will be like after it's all over. Take care.

  3. Lovely dresses, you do find some pretty things!
    I wish I had stocked up at the Garden centre, I need rose feed, bug killer, compost......

  4. The flower dress is my favourite of this lot, I wouldn't mind having that!
    I am glad that I can still go out for walks and runs, plus I regularly do the exercises I have learnt at the rehab clinic for my bad back 15 years ago. As I am on my own and not eating at my client's canteen, I tend to eat less. The weekends make a nice change because of course I cook properly when O.K. is here.

  5. Dear Mary,
    You're not alone. Sleeping less, eating more. It would be wonderful if those who have always wanted to begin blogging would do so now. It is one way to fill an hour or two with a very pleasant activity. You will learn how to become a better photographer, share ideas and make new friends. What do you think?

  6. Every few days I do shop my closet and find something that I don't normally wear around the house. Today it is an oversized grey top, very comfie, but looks good. Always earrings too. Some days I do just fine and other days I panic. Some nights it is fitful, waking, turning, reading, sleeping all in one night. I start imagining fevers, then I go out and walk and the fresh air revives me. It is definitely all quite surreal.


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