Monday, March 23, 2020

Stop the World. . . . . . . .

 . . . . . . .I Want to Get Off!

Yes, the 1963 Tony Award winning musical starring
the late, great Anthony Newley, English actor, singer and songwriter, 
comes to mind. 
Forget the world just 'tilting'  - it now seems to be spinning out of control! 
If we could get off though where would we go?

I'm in the garden a lot. 
This morning it was raining lightly, thankfully dampening down
the heavy pollen coating everything in sight.
The photos in the collage below were taken today.

"Maybe more than ever before in my life, I’m grateful today to have a garden. What a blessing it feels like. I can’t imagine the weeks and months ahead without the refuge it will provide. Perhaps you all feel the same way". . . . . . . . Margaret Roach

The above came from famous gardener Margaret Roach (A Way To
 I read these words she wrote yesterday on her current post and asked her if I might
 share them with you, my wonderful readers, many of whom are gardeners. 
Margaret kindly gave me permission.
If you need information or help regarding anything to do with your own garden, 
Margaret is the person to go to . . . . . .and be sure to read her latest book, 
A Way To Garden - a hands-on primer for every season -
 and listen to her awesome podcasts with other well known gardeners also
on her website.

Yes, having a garden is certainly a blessing at this time. You know I have one,
just a quarter acre on which my cottage home sits comfortably. It's nothing
spectacular by any means and, in all honesty, it's no longer in tip top 
shape as it was when outdoor work was much easier in our younger days.
The front is neat and tidy with some beautiful trees I've planted and nurtured,
flowering shrubs, seasonal bulbs and perennials . . . . . and Bob keeps the 
lawn mown so passersby still comment on what a lovely yard we have!

After a very warm weekend the bluebells are up and opening.  
The birds are still nest building - more about the finches coming - and bluebirds
 seem interested in the birdhouse again so I'm glad I cleaned it out a couple
 of weeks ago.  
My daughter told me to hang my hummingbird feeder - rather early I think - but she
 said they are already in flight around her neighborhood a couple of miles away.

I want to stay positive in thought regarding how life is/will be perhaps for some time. 
Already some are depressed, bored, chomping at the bit to get out and live as we
 are used to.  Meanwhile please be brave, follow the rules which will be so important
 to rid us of this virus. . . . . . . . do things, make use of this quieter time, garden if 
you can, and have hope that this will end very soon.
Bless you and your loved ones.


  1. Those who have a garden are indeed fortunate right now. I keep thinking of how horrible it must be for the countless families and individuals cooped up in small high-rise flats, often without even so much as a balcony. I don't have one, either, but I have the entire flat to myself AND can go out for a walk or run anytime I feel like it.
    The flowers in your kitchen window are so beautiful!

    1. Yes, I was thinking of people like that too, shut up in high rise apartments especially. . . . . and if they have young children it must be so hard.
      I was glad to hear though that Germany has done extremely well regarding staving off the virus earlier than most
      European countries, therefore your numbers are still low compared to especially Italy and Spain, and now perhaps the UK which waited so long! We are in a serious battle now in parts of the US - New York's numbers are growing rapidly.

      Take good care and stay well dear Meike.
      Mary & Bob xx

  2. What a lovely collage, Mary. You have got some colour in your garden. I've beeen out this morning dead heading daffodils, we shall miss their bright spot of colour. I so agree with the quote. I would be bereft without my little garden.

    1. I hope your lovely village is managing well Barbara and that you and M stay safe and well. You are in my thoughts.

  3. Dear Mary - I too am grateful that I have a garden with flowers to enjoy and also get some exercise. At the moment we are blessed with glorious weather - blue skies and sunshine, and all of the Spring flowers here are very early. We are living through a nightmare scenario, but my thoughts turn to all of those wonderful people risking their own health and that of their families out there on the frontline - our doctors and nurses, and countless others.
    We are in lockdown now, and I just wonder how long I can keep juggling with the food that we have.

    1. Good weather is a big help when life is gloomy Rosemary.
      The healthcare workers are so brave - I pray for them daily as it must be so frightening to get up and go to work under such circumstances. I'm also thankful for the drugstore and grocery store workers who are still refilling the shelves best they can. . . . . . . and all those long distance truck drivers bringing the supplies to those stores. There are really so many to thank all over at this time.

  4. My garden/plants are just beginning to awaken. We are a couple of weeks behind you in the garden over here. We do have a bluebird couple already nesting in the bluebird house. xo

    1. Glad your garden is awakening dear Penny, and lovely knowing your bluebirds are back - the males are SO BLUE now aren't they?

  5. Your yard and gardens are so beautiful, Mary! Still too cold here to do anything outside and the only signs of life are some daffodils and lilies poking out of the ground. I have been bundling up and taking a walk around my neighborhood most every day though. Stay well and safe! xoxo

    1. Thanks Melanie - enjoy your 'bundled up' walks, I admire you doing that and need to do it myself!
      Stay healthy.

  6. I, too, am so grateful for my garden during these days. I planted a few hardy vegetable seeds and look forward to spending more time in the garden. Daffodils, hyacinths, and grape hyacinths are the current delights just now. Oh, and the potted pansies are really showing off. Tim's at work every day, long days, so I'm on my own most of the time, and try to get out for a long walk as well as staying busy in the garden and house.
    Greetings to Bob. Do take care.

    1. . . . . . .as I said in earlier comments on your blog, thanks for sharing your blooms, all so pretty Lorrie.
      I'm keeping Tim close in thought, and all those brave, hardworking wonderful people in the healthcare business who are being pushed to the limit and facing worse scenarios than those of us now in the safety of lock down. We mustn't complain but must adhere to the rules now set to prevent the spread. . . . . . . and remember our daily prayers.

  7. Hi Mary...your post is a party for the eyes. We are still under snow here. It was looking good and then yesterday the snow fell for twelve hours. I'm glad I was out picking up branches and twigs in the woodlot the day before. Your flowers are so pretty I'm going back to look at them again. Do take care, Mary. These are trying times. xo

    1. Happy to share some pretties with you dear Deb and hope your spring will arrive soon. 12 hours of fresh snow must be beautiful to behold but very cold, brrrrrrr!

      Yes, this is a totally different time for the entire world. We awake each morning, thankful we feel good, but then reality kicks in and we wonder just what the new day will bring. The healthcare workers are to be commended in their fight to literally save the world, and all we can do is follow the rules to prevent the spread, and pray for better days ahead.

      Sending you warm wishes - stay well.

  8. If only we could jump to another dimension. So thankful for our garden too. This morning Jim and I were heading out for a walk in the neighborhood (mindful to stay away from others) and saw a bunny in our yard. There are bunnies about, but we hadn't seen any for the winter months. There are hummingbirds here year round now, so we keep the feeder out too. A friend gave me a tiny hummingbird feeder to hold in my hand, but I haven't tried it yet. Your garden is beautiful.

    1. Bunnies are good, cheerful little chubby guys and right now if I had some around I wouldn't even care if they nibbled my plants! I feel just grateful to have plenty of salad greens stuffed into the 'frig - and hope it lasts us for a while!
      Glad you have hummingbirds, they are always fun to watch, and I hope mine return soon.
      Take care dear friends xx

  9. I am not surprised that such an active person as yourself is getting a bit antsy. I am as well and I’m a slug. So glad that I listened to that inner voice when I wanted to rake off the leaves last week. It snowed six inches overnight and my poor little plants were happier for still having their leaf blanket. Your flowers are beautiful and look so fine in that kitchen bouquet.

  10. Your garden is so soothing and beautiful Mary, and how wonderful to have bluebells! Today is our first day of isolation, as our daughter and her family returned to Canada yesterday. We will only venture out for food supplies, as infrequently as possible, and to walk for exercise. I hope you find gardening a fine way to pass the time in this strange new reality we share at a distance. I am just sorting out some lists and ideas of how to structure my time, stay in touch with people, be productive, and stay virus-free. Not knowing if it will be weeks or months is strange and unsettling. Take care dear Mary.

  11. Dear Mary,
    You already have such a good head start in your many lovely spring flowers already in bloom. Like you I love to be outside gardening. There is so much to do but still the cold winds and low temperatures keep me inside.


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