Saturday, March 21, 2020

The world has tilted . . . . . . .

 . . . . . and our homes have become the safest and most comfortable place to be.

Our little house finch couple continue to build their home in our porch hanging
 basket - a cozy nest for a clutch of eggs which hopefully produce a family of 
baby birds in the weeks to come.

The camellias have been amazing for several weeks but now, just as the azaleas
 are starting to bloom, Camellia japonica's lovely flowers are fading and falling
 to the ground.  
It's always a good idea to clear away fallen flowers as fungal disease is
common. Camellia petal blight causes flowers to turn brown rapidly, then
drop.  Sanitation is the best control: pick up and destroy all fallen blossoms
as well as infected ones on the plant. Remove and discard any existing mulch,
then replace with new mulch.

I'm somewhat concerned this shrub may have a fungal issue as many of the flowers
 did turn brown this year. I do try to pick up the fallen ones asap, however perhaps
 I should rake out all the old mulch and replenish. No excuses now for 'no time' to 
work in the garden!

They still look beautiful to me!


  1. The flowers are still beautiful in their decay, Mary.
    Are those little birds on the lamp in your house, having come in by an open window, or is the lamp on your porch?

    1. It's a 'candolier' (not electrified) hanging from the ceiling of the front porch. Often birds, such as these finches, fly in and perch and if lucky I can catch a photo through the dining room window.
      Thinking of you all in Germany - take care dear Meike.

  2. Dear Mary - there could be several benefits from our self imposed internment at home - gardens will look better, no flights and less car journeys may possibly help the ozone layer and also improve our air quality too. I agree with you about your last image - it is vibrant and very beautiful.

    1. You are so right Rosemary - hope internment for you and J is going well and your garden is being a wonderful place to get outside. As far as air, we are now experiencing pollen - but today's predicted rain should help in dampening that down somewhat. Yesterday it reached 88F here, but cooler today thankfully.
      Mary x

  3. Dear Mary,
    You have had a lot of rain. Possibly, that is why some of your camellias are turning brown. I'm looking forward to seeing little birds hatching and the closeups of your adult birds.

  4. Dear Mary, what a great thing to look forward to, the finches bringing their babies up during a forced homestay. Be safe.Jo

  5. They are very beautiful. Last year we had a problem with our roses. We had a lot of rain during winter 2019 and I don't think the roses liked that as they got a fungal infections and their leaves got brown spots. We had to remove them and spray the plants. This year we've had close to zero rain so we probably won't have the same issue. At least, I hope not.

  6. We have a bluebirds making a nest in the bluebird house out back. So fun to watch them. I am spending my time spring cleaning and organizing. Sending hugs to you and Bob.

  7. Dear Mary,
    Staying busy at home doesn't sound like a problem for you. It won't be here, either. I've been working in the garden and planted a few colder crop seeds - snow peas, carrots, and radishes. Also my sweet pea flowers. Your camellias are such a pretty colour and that collection of flowers in the garbage can lid (?) is like a piece of art! We recently planted a camellia bush and I will take your instructions to heart to avoid fungus.

  8. They are stunningly beautiful. I hope that I can get to my garden this year. It needs some attention. Wonderful bird captures you have, too. I am glad that the bird family is providing some diversion.

  9. The camellias here are in full bloom and I have heard about the fungus, but our plants are so old they seem to survive our neglect. We do try to pick them up, but with 35 plants we sometimes don't do it. Other than walks in the neighborhood we are staying put. I am planning to do a tea party for three in the garden house tomorrow. Something to cheer us up and a way to celebrate birthday month with a change to plans for going out. Take care dear ones!

  10. Such sweet bird photos! We don't have Camelia's here. They're beautiful.

  11. I love those two finches on the chandelier ... I didn’t think they were real to start with Mary !!!!! It’s a shame when some of our plants get diseased ..... we never had black spot until a couple of years ago and now all of the roses get it a bit. ...... they say once you get black spot you never get rid of it ! Still, we mustn’t get maudlin ...... we have got to laugh as much as we can otherwise, we will go doo lally !!!! Look after yourselves Mary. XXXX

  12. Dear Mary - I hopped over here from visiting Loree. Your blog is a lovely place to visit. Enjoyed your previous post with the beautiful spring flowers. Hoping this week my daffodils will start to make a show. Take care and keep safe.

  13. Hi Mary :)) Your camelias are beautiful! And honestly, home is the most comfortable place for me all of the time! :)


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