Thursday, August 20, 2020

Garden Notes for August -

These photos are from yesterday morning. 
All taken with iPhone 11 Pro.

The garden has really changed in the past few days.  
Early morning air is feeling slightly different but days turn hot and humid quickly.
Clouds roll in by mid-afternoon and rain is almost daily, damaging the leaves of
 many plants. Black spot and Anthracnose is rampant.
 Leaves are dropping, especially from the hydrangeas - they look very sad.
The grass is green due to the rain - much greener than usual in August.
We've not used sprinklers all summer.

Are you familiar with re-blooming azaleas?
These I planted many years ago and I must say they haven't disappointed.
They are now on their second bloom of this year, brightening up what
is now a mostly green side garden area. I was able to take photos from my
neighbors side of the fence when going over to feed Nala cat!
Below are some notes on the Encore Azaleas, which these are.

"Encore Azaleas have a special, multi-seasonal bloom cycle.

The bloom cycle begins in spring, along with all other azaleas. However, when other azaleas start losing their flowers for the year, Encore Azaleas are busy setting new buds for a second blooming. Before the last spring flower falls, summer flowers are ready to explode.  But they aren’t done yet, there is still another blooming cycle in fall. We’re talking about vibrant flowers three seasons a year—the show is never cancelled – even the evergreen foliage brings life to barren winter! 

Encore Azalea makes a multi-season landscape a reality, offering re-blooming shrubs in 31 varieties ranging in color and size. And, these high performers are pest resistant and sun tolerant with 24 varieties that are cold hardy to zone 6."

A surprise on the back side fence (bottom middle photo in the collage above).
The tangled jasmine is re-blooming and smells divine.
I put in one plant there 20 years ago. It now runs about 30 feet, completely
 hiding an ugly chain-link fence a long ago neighbor installed to keep
two Boston terriers in check.

Beautiful in early summer. Hosta leaves, large and textured, but
 now they are in their 'death throes' - though hopefully plants feel no pain - if
planted in full sun as this one is.
I love to add a leaf to a vase of flowers - these below are some of the
 hydrangeas I'm drying for fall/winter arrangements.

Summer, so different in many, many ways this year. Garden and gardening
 have taken up a lot of time, mostly in a good way. Weather has not been very
 cooperative much of the time, but on the other hand we have, so far, escaped
 the wrath of hurricanes here. 
In my garden I feel free not having to wear a mask.
I also feel safe. 
In all honesty can't say I feel that way anywhere else yet!

What's happening in your late summer garden?


  1. Late summer flowers are so beautiful! Altogether, there is such an abundance of good things and rich colour that time of year. The first rosehips, brambles, "lantern" flowers and other signs of the end of summer and nearing autumn; the soft golden evening light and even the first foggy mornings all combined are sure signs.

  2. I was just saying to Kent that I feel like fall is coming early this year. I know it is still muggy in the day but mornings are much cooler and some leaves are dropping. Also the angle of the sun seems more fall like. My azaleas are repeating their bloom as well.

  3. We have been enjoying our garden so much this summer. The weather has been pretty decent. And, as you say, it's the one place we feel safe. It's been our haven during these Covid days. Your garden is looking lovely still. I do love your hydrangea bouquet. I've got pink ones still in the garden that I want to bring in to dry.

  4. I have two azaleas, one in a north border and one in a south border, the north one produces a few flowers but the south one is very sad producing just one or two. I have to confess to not looking after them properly, so this autumn I'm going to put them in a pot with some ericaceous soil and look after them.

  5. I am not familiar with re-blooming azaleas. How lovely!
    Love seeing your beautiful garden. Amazing that you haven't had to water this summer.
    We haven't had to water quite as much, but still needed to do some. There was a little rain a day ago and that just refreshed the garden and so special.

  6. All very pretty and it looks lovely. Here it is so hot that not much of anything is blooming, I long for Fall and cool weather.


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