Wednesday, August 26, 2020


What to buy for dinner at the market?

Some days cooking yet another meal becomes boring. Just thinking of something different but tasty, easy yet healthy, is a chore in itself, especially on another 94F day! I admit I love to cook but lately due to the heat I seemed to have run out of ideas for main meal salads. . . . . . . . . . . . . until last night when I made this one!

Looking through my 'SUMMER SAVORIES' folder of mostly magazine pages (why I keep clipping when I have a full library of cook books I'll never know!), I came across this one from a 2018 (July) REAL SIMPLE magazine. 

We enjoyed it so much.

We love sea scallops and keep a couple of bags on hand in the freezer (really affordable, often on sale, and excellent quality from LIDL).  I think you could also use shrimp if you prefer. 

Personally I feel the secret to this easy recipe is definitely grilling fresh corn - in a pinch perhaps it's OK with canned or frozen corn - but cutting those slightly blackened kernels off the cobs and immediately adding them to the dressing made them delicious and they kept their slight crunch.

Note - Bob grilled the corn outside! I did not grill the scallops on the outdoor grill (too many mosquitoes!!!!), but quickly sautéed them as I always do on the stove, adding a dash of my usual for extra flavor, Szechuan Spicy Sauce.

Hope you can read the recipe - I had to cut it to get it to fit here in a readable form.

Great meal - I served a piece of warmed naan bread on the side - and of course
a very cold chilled glass of rosé!
Let me know if you want to know my new favorite rosé - it surprised me
and I can't wait to buy another bottle!


  1. The recipe sounds delicious, Mary, as does your photo. I'd love to give it a whirl. Scallops are a treat here as most seafood is so expensive. And so I look for the BEST recipes! I'll write this one out.

    Love to you and Bob!😘


    1. Can't you find frozen scallops Jane? They are less expensive than fresh. It's such a simple, but delicious recipe - could work with shrimp also.

  2. Apart from the scallops (I don't eat sea food), your meal sounds and looks great - love the avocados and the idea of warmed naan bread, plus of course the chilled rosé!

  3. Your scallop meal looks delicious and I will definitely try it out when our summer is here. Rose is a favourite of mine too in summer and it can't come soon enough as I am well and truly tired of our cold winter.

  4. I love quick cooking meals like this. The scallops look delicious!

  5. This looks like a delicious, easy meal which I need to try. Thanks for the link to your Plymouth post. I enjoyed reading it. My first visit to Plymouth was in 1979 when I was just 8. It's a city with a formidable history.

  6. You always make food look so delicious - I wish I liked scallops! I don't like any kind of seafood; just plain white fish, such as wild caught grouper. Even that I can only take in just a tiny amount.

    I am going up to the farm stand tomorrow and getting fresh corn, tomatoes and green beans.

    I'd love to hear about your new favorite rose! That's one of my favorite summer wines.


    1. Melanie, I love this one. 19 Crimes Revolutionary Rosé 2019 (Australia). Really good, just as all their awesome reds are. Look for pretty pale, frosted bottle with the rough looking convict on the label! Make sure to put your glass in the freezer and chill well - always makes the rosé even more wonderful!

  7. I don't usually by scallops, but now I must. The salad looks so good and sounds delicious.


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